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Satellite Logic is a leading,
authoritative source of information in
the Satellite Industry. Located in the
heart of the Silicon Valley, Satellite
Logic provides one of the most
valuable and comprehensive
knowledge bases on the Satellite
market! This is a primary Worldwide
information center which enables our
clients to analyze, evaluate, inquire
and select their best tailored
solutions. Our company sets the
industry standards for targeted
buying leads, reflecting a dramatic
advance over traditional marketing
Satellite Logic is your premier source of information for the entire
Satellite Industry. Utilizing the most advanced technology in
information data, Satellite Logic provides an extensive and intelligent
database, offering one of the most sophisticated resources for satellite
products and services. The company's leadership and success is
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fascinating online database, with a user friendly, easy to use interface.

At Satellite Logic our strength lies in our people. Our heritage of
employee growth has continually helped us attract the best and
brightest minds in the field. Guided by the company's mission and
values, our people break new ground to find the most updated
information, the most sophisticated products and the most advanced
satellite solutions for your personal or business challenges. Our goal
is to be the very best at what we do, combining a commitment to
superior service, with a platform of professional resources that allows
us to deliver on that promise. This unique approach has allowed us to
maintain a leading role in the satellite industry.

Over the past years we managed to identify customers' needs and to
anticipate their specific demands. Our website's valued visitors adopt
our professional recommendations because they trust the company's
tradition of delivering state-of-the-art, market-proven solutions. Today,
Satellite Logic is continually refining its professional abilities to deliver
more efficient and ingenious performance. Keeping pace with the rapid
evolution of the satellite industry, we have emerged as a key player in
this field.

Satellite Logic vows to continue the revolution. Our vision is to
maintain the professional focus on this fascinating industry, keeping
our leadership position for years to come. We'll continue to present
our dedicated visitors with the latest developments, products and
services in the satellite industry. Adhering to a code of professional
ethics, you can rest assured that Satellite Logic's experts will practice
with competence and integrity, continually refining our business
models to deliver more efficient and intelligent solutions. With a strong
reputation and unblemished record of accomplishment, we will
constantly reflect the highest standards of professional competence,
earning the trust of our valued clients.

Thank you for visiting us and considering our services.

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