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Satellite Logic is a leading,
authoritative source of information in
the Satellite Industry. Located in the
heart of the Silicon Valley, Satellite
Logic provides one of the most
valuable and comprehensive
knowledge bases on the Satellite
market! This is a primary Worldwide
information center which enables our
clients to analyze, evaluate, inquire
and select their best tailored
solutions. Our company sets the
industry standards for targeted
buying leads, reflecting a dramatic
advance over traditional marketing
Q: Who is Satellite Logic?
Satellite Logic is the Internet authority on the Satellite
Industry. Satellite Logic combines years of experience and
proprietary technology to give you the most comprehensive,
up-to-date information and tools available. Comprised of
dozens of pages, our web site is being constantly revised,
which is why it the premier provider of Satellite information.

Q: What experience do you have in the Satellite Industry?
At Satellite Logic our strength lies in our people. Our heritage of
employee growth has continually helped us attract the best and
brightest minds in the field. Guided by the company's mission and
values, our people break new ground to find the most updated
information, the most sophisticated products and the most
advanced satellite solutions for your personal or business
challenges. Our goal is to be the very best at what we do,
combining a commitment to superior service, with a platform of
professional resources that allows us to deliver on that promise.
This unique approach has allowed us to maintain a leading role
in the satellite industry.

Q: Can I trust the web sites that Satellite Logic recommends?
Yes, you certainly can. Satellite Logic continuosly profiles and
ranks the leaders in what is now one of the fastest growing Internet
industries. After the comprehensive market scanning, we've listed
and recommend only the leading and most reliable websites in each
filed of operation. Our purpose is to offer our customers the
best online resource for their satellite related products and services.
We selected for you a limited number of resources that meet the
quality criteria for content, credibility, service, audience, etc., as
described on our website.

Q: What makes you so special compared to other satellite sites?
Quite simply, the comprehensive and updated database, combined
with extensive professional knowledge. Our staff members have
spent thousands of hours researching and compiling information in
order to develop Satellite Logic' exclusive database. From Satellite
Radio to GPS, we provide information suitable for a wide range of
reader expertise; anyone from a novice to an expert will be able to
find information of value in our web site. When you visit our website
you'll know that you get something truly special. Part of our
uniqueness stems from being a market leader, which brings a
value-added component to the following online shopping process.
Understanding the market and each client's unique requirements is
critical to our success over the long haul.

Q: Is it safe to place an order online? Can you guarantee transactions?
Although we do not sell services by ourselves, the third party web sites
we recommend and work with are all renowned and reliable. When
you order with them, not only you benefit from the most advanced
security measures, but they also offer online service guarantee.

Q: Is my personal information kept private?
Absolutely! We will NEVER share your personal information with
another company. Please see our privacy policy.

Q: What should I do if I have questions about products or services?
We'd be happy to answer your questions. For questions on Satellite
products or services please email

Q: How is your data gathered?
A: Satellite Logic gathers its extensive information from the most
reliable and updated resources. We are connected not only with
leading commercial leaders, but also with scientific organizations,
institutions and experts. We also receive information through online
and offline publications.

Q: Can I use your information for free?
You may read our content pages for free, but you may not copy the
site's contents, including text, images and graphics without permission.
Please read our terms and conditions page for further information.

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