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Today, satellite TV constitutes a critical link to the outside world for many
households, both in central and rural America. For most people it's about
the urge to stay updated and collect information. For others it's all about
entertainment. For those in rural America, it's a real necessity, because of
distance or geographical restrictions. These homes cannot receive a local TV
stationís signal with a rooftop antenna and many are beyond the reach of
cable TV. For these people, the satellite TV is actually their only connection
to the outside world.

Satellite TV is the only way to get local TV stations and therefore the only
way to receive important local news, weather and community information.
Weather calamities like tornadoes or hurricanes have recently once again
demonstrated the importance of local TV access. In fact, without a rural
service guarantee, people living in the majority of U.S. markets will depend
on the terrestrial transmissions, without enjoying the benefits of digital-quality
satellite. It should be of great concern to all of us that at a time when
technology has such great potential to move our nation forward, so many
people are still left "in the dark".

Today, most satellite television viewers receive their programming through
Direct Broadcasting Satellite providers. These providers select various
packages and then sell them to the consumer, creating a very competitive
and versatile market. That's great news for us the consumers because we
get an improved picture and sound quality at lower prices.

Satellite Logic is proud to present the satellite TV market, including leading
US providers of advanced services and products. These companies provide
Internet services, satellite television, power quality products and utility
communications products and services. We also present comprehensive
background information on the satellite TV market, focusing on the most
important features and benefits it offers.
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