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Cable HDTV Satellite HDTV
Cable has been popular for years
and with the added benefit of high
speed Internet, the popularity is
sure to continue
Satellite TV provides more than 30
million people in the U.S. alone with
Digital TV. Satellite TV continues to
expand at a high rate
Requires an additional set-top box for
digital services
Satellite dish, remote control and
Reception Quality
Cable's Basic and Expanded Basic
services are all delivered in analog
but you can upgrade to Digital Cable
(additional cost). It should be noted
that when you upgrade, the analog
channels will remain Analog even
though you have digital equipment
Reception Quality
All Satellite TV channels are digital,
even local channels so there is no
need to upgrade again for better
picture quality as you would with
Cable TV can have a lot of additional
costs such as franchise fees, taxes,
plus costs for any pay per view services,
and equipment costs. Local channels
are almost always included
In general you get more channels per
dollar spent. However, local channel
packages are not included. Normally it
requires a higher initial costs but if you
commit to 12 months of service you
can get free equipment and installation
Digital Cable can support up to 260
channels, option packages along with
pay per view services. Cable TV can
have more local and community channel
options. Cable players are a bit behind
in HDTV services
Satellite TV has more channels than
cable providers. It offers more
international and sports programming.
High Definition (HDTV) channels available
like HBO and ShowTime and many others
Interactive Services
Digital Cable provides an electronic
Program Guide. In general has less
interactive features than Satellite
Interactive Services
Also has features like the Electronic
Program Guide, Instant Weather, video
on demand
Parental Control
Dependant on service provider
Parental Control

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