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If you've decided to move to satellite TV, it's probably a good decision.
Either you are in an area with no other TV connection alternative or a
personal choice, you can't go wrong.

The challenge though is to select one of the two main satellite TV
providers: DISH Network and DIRECTV. As leading companies that
dominate the market for many years, each one of them has numerous
independent dealers who offer a variety of different deals on satellite
TV systems and services.

So once you've picked the right TV set, bought an impressive TV table
and added the necessary accessories, that's the time to have a look at
the best satellite TV deal these companies have to offer.

DISH Network Deal

The Dish Network offers 4 different program packages. Prices start at
$31.99 per month for their America’s Top 60 package which has 60
channels, and go up to $86.99 for their "Everything" pack which has
230 channels.

The basic equipment you'll need includes the dish, receivers. The initial
installation is free. Options such as HDTV (high definition TV) and DVR
(digital video recording) receivers may be free or cost extra, depending
on the dealer.

Dish Network's broadcast quality is high because the company
broadcasts all its programming in digital format and offers the largest
selection of HDTV channels of the two satellite TV providers.

As for customer satisfaction, DISH Network has been ranked #1 in
customer satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates. Yet since the
competition is fierce, you may want to track these results over time.

What's the best deal you can find on Dish Network? Obviously, you'll
have to compare between their many independent dealers. At the
moment the best DISH Network deal is offered by AllSat. They've been
one of DISH Network's top dealers since 1996, and offer an
outstanding customer service.

When you order one of DISH Network's programming packages through
AllSat, you get a free satellite TV dish, up to four free receivers, and free
installation. In addition, you can get free DVR (digital video recording)
receivers so you can record your favorite programs, and up to two free
HDTV receivers so you can watch the programs in high definition.

DirecTV Deal

DirecTv is also offering great tempting program packages. They have 3
main program packages. Prices start at $41.99 per month for their Total
Choice package which has 135 channels, including 31 music channels,
and go up to $86.99 for their Total Choice Premier Package which has
185 channels.

DirecTV's basic equipment includes the satellite dish and receivers. The
installation is free. Additional options like High Definition TV and DVR
receivers for recording may be free or cost an additional fee, depending
on the dealer.

DirecTV's broadcast quality is high. The network broadcasts all its
programs in digital format and offers a limited number of channels in HDTV.

The customer satisfaction rates are high, though DirecTV is ranked #2 in
customer satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates.

As for the best deal you can find, it's the same like with Dish Network -
you'll have to compare your offers. Today the best DIRECTV deal is
offered by iSatellite. They are one of the highest-ranked DirecTV satellite
dealers in the country. iSatellite is currently offering a free satellite TV
dish, up to four free receivers, and free installation when you order one
of DirecTV's programming packages through them.

You can also get free DVR receivers (after a $99 rebate). HDTV receivers
are $199 per receiver.

The bottom line that just before you pick a Satellite TV provider, you'll
have to check out the best satellite TV deals on the market and choose
your preferred dealer.

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