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The United States of America is one of the most diverse countries in the
world. Attracting people from all over the world, US became a melting pot
for a large number of different cultures. This modern Tower of Babylon
produced a high demand for diverse entertainment and cultural content,
or in other words, a strong demand for International satellite TV

It's no wonder then that the two major satellite TV suppliers - Dish
Networks and DirecTV offer a very rich assortment of channels and
programming packages in a wide range of languages. Today satellite TV
subscribers who live or work in the US can watch African, Arabic,
Armenian, French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, German, Greek, Korean,
South Asian, Italian, Polish, Urdu, Farsi, Israeli, Portuguese, Urdu and
so on TV programs, directly from their homelands.

The fierce competition between the two big suppliers created an
entertainment heaven for foreign residents in the US. Today people from
all over the world can sit down in their American homes and take
advantage not only from the best possible content but also from the
latest and most advanced satellite technology.

New subscribers who join either of the two companies get all the
satellite equipment for free, as well as free installation. Then, all they
need to do is to choose the programming package that best fits their
family's entertainment needs. For each language or culture both DirecTV
and Dish Network offer several customized packages, together with the
favorite and popular US channels.

So regardless of your native language, if you live in the US, you clearly
have a winning home entertainment scenario! Great TV channels which
are the ideal choice for your family. No matter which entertainment
package you choose, you'll have a great combination of channels that
will provide you with educational programming, cartoons, sports, news,
weather, reality, sitcoms, movies, and popular dramas! Moreover, most
of these entertainment packages can benefit from some type of
customization, like local channels and seasonal sports subscriptions that
can be added onto any of them.

One of the latest technologic changes in satellite TV was the ability to
watch HDTV. Today both networks offer more and more HDTV programs
and channels, enabling sharp images and crystal clear sound. The
amazing thing is that many of the foreign residents and communities in
the US can watch HD programs from their native countries, unlike the
citizens in these countries. That is of course that they own an HD TV set.

The list of the technology advantages doesn't end with HDTV. Viewers
of International satellite TV programs in the US can also take advantage
of DVR capabilities. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, and it's a great
new type of technology that makes watching TV much more convenient
in a number of different ways. Basically, with the ability to record TV and
then watch it later, you don't have to be tied to the TV schedule! No
longer will you have to choose between spending time with family and
friends and staying home to watch the next episode of your favorite
show! No longer will you feel the need to stay up late to watch a sport
event transmitted from your homeland. That's because the DVR makes
recording so easy that you'll probably record everything that you want
to watch and then simply watch it when you're ready.

Both Dish Network and DirecTV definitely have the right blend of great
International satellite TV programming and excellent technology to make
TV entertainment as pleasurable as possible! If you're a foreign resident
living or working in the US, start now this new exciting experience.
Compare the endless options these two companies offer you, choose
your favorite package and switch to the best in home entertainment you
could dream of.

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