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Following are the leading Dish Network Satellite providers we recommend.
One of the premier retailers for DISH Network throughout the US, focusing
on customer support and providing outstanding professional services.
Order Now, here's what you get!
America's Top 180 package includes over 180 channels of the best
entertainment available including The Biography Channel, Discovery Kids,
Encore, The Golf Channel and more!
Installation: FREE Standard Professional Installation
Package Cost:
Digital Home Advantage -
Pay a $49.99 Activation Fee and a get a $49.99 credit on your first bill.
FREE Equipment, FREE DVR and/or FREE HDTV.
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VMC Satellite
VMC Satellite was the only company selected by the Federal Government
to install satellite TV in the United States Capitol Complex. If Congress
can trust their service, you can too!
VMC Satellite is the largest Authorized Dish Network Dealer online. Located
in Northern Virginia, they are roughly 15 miles from Washington, DC. In
addition to their large full-time staff at the Virginia Operations Center, they
have 173,795 independent affiliate marketers all over the world!
VMC Satellite has over 300 incoming customer service telephone lines to
ensure that you never receive a busy signal!
VMC Satellite is a wholly owned subsidiary of InPhonic (NASDAQ: INPC).
They are headquartered in Washington, D.C. and maintain technology and
operations centers in Largo, Maryland, Long Island City, New York, and
Reston, Virginia. Having enjoyed much success using traditional "brick and
mortar" business principles, they've grown to become the largest
independent online satellite dealer in the world! Approximately 150,000 people
visit their website each and every day.
Order now and get:
* Free 4 room system
* Free professional installation
* Free digital video recorders
* Free HDTV receivers
* Free lifetime warranty
* Over 130 additional channels free for 3 months

Connected Satellite
Connected Satellite has installed Dish Network systems all across the US.
They are a family owned business located in Phoenix, Arizona. Connected
Wireless first opened for business in July of 1999. Their business takes
pride in offering the best in wireless and satellite services to consumers
across the entire United States.
Order now and get:
Get Over 60 Channels of all Digital Programming on Two TVs for only $29.99
(and that includes your location stations).
• No Equipment to Buy!
• NO Yearly Commitment!
• LifeTime Warranty on All Equipment!
• Free Digital Video Recorder or High Definition Receivers!
• Installation within 5 business days!

Allsat Satellite
AllSat is a direct retailer of DISH Network, meeting all the vigorous
requirements to sell DISH Network services. DISH Network launched their
service in 1996 and they claim to be the longest running successful
online retailer for DISH Network or DirecTV. While they still operate their
call center in a brick and mortar building, the store is now virtual online.

Allsat sells online only and gained a proven and reliable track record.
When you call AllSat you will not find yourself talking to someone in one
of those large contracted out call centers. AllSat’s call center is staffed
with fully trained individuals that are employees of AllSat and are eager
to take your call.

Order now and get over 180 channels, including locals and over 65
channels of Sirius Muzic for only $19.99/Month! Your favorite
programming in ready-to-subscribe packages and also the top brand
with all the latest features. Click the link for details.

All American Dish
All American Dish offers Free Satellite TV Dish and Receivers! Free Dish
Network TV Offers, Free Dish Network Satellite TV Receivers and Free
Satellite TV Installation! Their DISH Network Satellite TV Offer includes
FREE Satellite TV Installation, no satellite TV dish equipment to buy, and
up to 256 digital quality DISH Network satellite tv programming channels!

All American Dish Satellite TV offers: FREE Satellite Dish Equipment,
Free Satellite Dish HD Receiver or DVR, Free Installation and Free
Activation, HD Satellite Receiver, DVR Digital Video Recorder, Movie
Programming, etc. There are no contracts or commitment.

Satellite Dish, Dish from All American Dish includes:
•FREE Satellite Dish Equipment
•FREE Satellite Dish Receiver
•FREE Installation
•FREE Activation
•FREE DVR or HD Receiver
Get a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) - FREE* when you sign up now!
Dish Network DVR combines the power of Digital Video Recording (DVR)
technology with feature-rich satellite receivers to allow you to watch TV
however and whenever you want. DISH Player-DVR receivers feature the
DISH Network DVR Service. This is an advanced digital television
recording and playback technology that lets you control how you watch

Whether you want to connect 1, 2, 3 or 4 TVs or want the latest features
in a Digital Video Recorder, we have it all for you. And it's included in your
one-time Activation Fee!

Order now and get:
3 Months FREE - 130 additional channels
FREE Professional Installation
100% Digital Reception (no cable hikes)
FREE Home Protection Plan (up to 5 years)
LIFETIME Equipment Warranty
FREE DVR & HDTV Equipment Options

Your Internet leader in Satellite Television! Millions of satisfied customers!
One of the premier retailers for DISH Network throughout the United States,
focusing mainly on customer support and providing outstanding service to
their customers.

Pay only a $49.99 Activation fee. Then get a $49.99 credit on your first bill,
making your DISH Network Activation FREE! No Equipment to Buy!
FREE DVR Equipment Options
FREE HDTV Equipment Options
FREE Standard Professional Installation
Standard Equipment Warranty Included
Upgrade to the DISH Home Protection Plan
100% Digital reception 100% of the time

Choose the system(s) for which you are interested. When you speak with
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viewing and equipment preferences then guide you in choosing the correct

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