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DirecTV offers its consumers an inexpensive entry into the satellite
community. With the purchase of their premium packages, DirecTV gives
away their top tier programming package for several months. In addition
to this, they hold frequent promotions in which they often give away a 2 or
3 room system for free (i.e. the dish and receivers). At first, this appears
to be a win-win situation for the user since the premium package costs
around $90, but after careful consideration, it becomes apparent that the
receiver they are offering for free is their cheapest unit, which does not
allow users to watch a channel and scan for other programs on-screen all
without going to the guide menu.

DirecTV's deal is a short term money-saver, but if you forget to change
programming after four months, they'll charge you for the $90 package.
This may or may not be a problem if the user likes the channels offered
with the package. The next catch is related to the use of receivers in other
rooms. It costs $5 per month for the use of a receiver in every other room.
DirecTV offers what probably is the most competitive channel lineup of
any cable or satellite provider in the USA. They are the exclusive carrier
in the USA for NFL Sunday Ticket. DirecTV also offers HD programming
with the purchase of their HD package. With this package, there is no
extra charge for the broadcast of HD channels. The programming is also
available in Spanish with various packages with prices starting at around
$27. DirecTV offers package bundles that combine their satellite television
service with DSL internet through several providers such as Verizon, Bell
South, and Quest. DirecTV has 2 receivers that are available for purchase,
the standard and the HD. For those who wish to record HD programming,
there is a DVR on offer.

When it comes to customer service, DirecTV provides excellent coverage
in the form of 24-hour, 365 day customer service help line. In addition to
all of this, DirecTV has an online help section on their website. Through
their website, customers can manage their account and order pay-per-view
or change programming packages. One of the few disadvantages of
DirecTV is that they require a 12-month contract. This might be a good or
bad thing, depending on whether the service lives up to the expectations
of the subscriber. Secondly, DirecTV's satellite signal is prone to failure
at times during storms, which can prove to be dangerous in cases where
television weather warnings are the norm. In addition, users that subscribe
for the HD programming must purchase the HD receiver. Same applies
for the DVR. DirecTV offers zero in the form of leasing options. Finally,
depending on the location, DirecTV may not carry all local programming.

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