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Satellite television broadcasts 100% digital audio and video programming
and therefore, is the ideal medium for nationwide delivery of interactive

At present time, there are 3 commercially available satellite TV systems:
Dish Network (Ku-Band)

These systems operate in 2 bands, or operational frequency ranges,
assigned by the FCC for satellite broadcasting use. These are: C-Band
(3.7-4.2 GHz) and high-power Ku-Band (12.2-12.7 GHz).

The C-Band industry got its start in 1976 with the first homemade C-Band
satellite system. Today C-Band offers more than 250 channels of video
and 75 audio services to around 850,000 subscribers using dishes which
average 7 feet in diameter. C-Band dishes are steerable, enabling C-Band
users to receive signals from 20 or more satellites.

DIRECTV and Dish Network are the two high-power DBS providers. Most
high-power dishes are 18 inches in diameter and can be installed anywhere -
house, condo, apartment, patio, balcony, boat, RV as long as there is
a direct line of sight to the southern sky. Both providers offer more than
200 channels of digital quality picture and sound. Recently, the providers
expanded their programming line-ups to include local programming. Both
DIRECTV and Dish Network currently offer local programming to roughly
40 markets.

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