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The TiVo personal video recorder is a consumer video component
allowing users to capture television programming to internal hard
drive storage. TiVo systems can function similarly to VCRs, but
use non-removable hard-disk storage, and contain much more
sophisticated software to record programming - not only programs
the user specifically requests, but also other material the user is
likely to be interested in. Additionally, live programs being viewed
may be paused and replayed, and a program may be viewed without
waiting for the "recording" to complete (time shifting).

TiVo is available in consumer electronics devices and also
integrated into DirecTV digital video recorders. The TiVo service is
only available to the United States and the United Kingdom at
present, but has also been modified by end users to work in
Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

TiVo was one of the first DVRs available on the market. It allows
the user to record up to 40, 80, or 140 hours (dependent on
preferred video quality) of entertainment without videotape. It also
boasts functions such as pause, rewind, slo-mo and instant replay
of live TV.

TiVo works with any TV setup, be it antenna, cable, digital cable,
satellite or combinations. With a 30-day money-back guarantee,
the user may return the unit for a full refund if they wish. The only
disadvantages of DVRs right now are their significantly higher
purchase cost ($99-$399 AFTER a $100 rebate) over their VCR
counterparts, and the monthly service fee of $12.95/month that
accompanies the convenience afforded by the device.

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