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HDTV - High Definition Television, is the most technologically
advanced and exciting innovation in television viewing since color
arrived 40 years ago. HDTV means that you can get a superior TV
picture; sharper images that are six times more detailed, more
vibrant colors and better sound.

How much better? Well, in technical terms, HDTV uses up to 1080
lines of viewable resolution compared to the 480 lines on standard
TV. Meaning, HDTV images have twice the color resolution and
roughly six times the sharpness. HDTV makes it possible for you
to see television images that are clearer, sharper and more colorful.
HDTV technology sends more information to your television set in
the form of the tiny dots that make up the picture, which means you
get a better viewing experience.

Well, think of it this way: watching shows and movies on HDTV
means you'll see things you never knew existed and experience
enhanced audio. Fine details that add to the depth and dimension
of a movie or sporting event. Combine that with digital audio and
you hear subtle sounds in a movie's audio track that can turn your
viewing experience into something almost real.

A better picture also means you will be able to see movies as
they were originally created. That's because the dimensions of an
HDTV picture are the same as the screen in a movie theater,
resulting in true wide-screen viewing. Your HDTV television pics
will look like the movies you play on a DVD, only better. Together
with the Dolby Digital sound, you can truly convert your home
into a real theater!

Yes, it's expensive, but not exorbitant. You need to subscribe to
a digital provider, either cable or satellite, to access HDTV. The
anticipated growth of HDTV is likened to the 10-year period in
which color replaced black and white. Today, the growth will
probably be a little quicker, so that in five to seven years, we're
going to see a real material change.

HDTV is even more exciting on sport events. The high-resolution
picture is wonderfully clear, but that's only part of it. The HDTV's
depth of field shows everything on the screen -- behind, to the
side and in front of the central figure -- in perfect focus. The
quality difference is astounding, the HDTV camera sees the game
the way the human eye sees it. If you're watching a sports
telecast, the people in the audience are in focus and you can see
the detail in their face. It's like actually being there. It's like
watching a game through a window. And since HDTV shows all
the images on a wider screen clearly, the technology enhances
most significantly games played on a large surface.

Not all programming is High Definition Television. Networks are
gradually switching to the new technology. Over the next couple
of years, most or all programming will be converted to HDTV.
So why wait?! Get your HDTV now and enjoy a completely new
cutting edge experience!

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