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Following are the leading DirectTV Satellite providers we recommend.

Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, the third largest city in New England,
eXpert SATELLITE has been an authorized DIRECTV® dealer for 8 years.
Their management team has a collective 30 years experience selling the
DIRECTV® Systems and they were named an Elite Top 10 DIRECTV
Dealer in 2003 and 2004.
eXpert SATELLITE has a strong reputation as a leader in the service
industry, offering the best DIRECTV® products available. Their call
center is fully staffed with eXpert sales and customer service agents, who
are dedicated to providing an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.
Enjoy the finest in digital home entertainment. Choose a DIRECTV®
System below. Plus, order today and receive FREE Handling and Delivery
after mail-in rebate. It's that easy!

American Satellite is all about Choice, Value and Traditional Service for
those passionate about home entertainment. Since 1996, long after the
dot-com era has come and gone, they are serving and satisfying more
customers than ever before.
Today they are considered as the number one place to learn about and
purchase consumer electronics that incorporate satellite, broadcast and
Internet technology (DIRECTV, DIRECWAY Satellite Internet, Satellite
Radio, HDTV and soon GPS).
Americansatellite presents a very user friendly and effective web site,
to ensure your purchase experience is one you'll always remember and
never regret. They don't offer a product or service until their entire staff
has expert knowledge. They have over 4,000 professional installers and
are approved and authorized with each of the manufacturer and service
providers they represent. They also provide a full 30-day satisfaction
guarantee. Click the link now and check out their vast selection.

With over 125 digital-quality channels for only $39.99 a month, there's
always something on for everyone in the house. DIRECTV offers local
channels in most major U.S. cities and their surrounding areas, always
in digital quality. Access to over 30 premium movie channels, up to 60
pay per view movies a month starting as often as every 30 minutes,
and 36 commercial-free audio channels spanning from rock and jazz to
country and big band.
Enjoy Isatellite's exclusive seasonal packages, including the exclusive
NFL SUNDAY TICKETTM subscription, not to mention a dedicated
SPORTS Pack, with over 25 specialty and regional sports networks.
Isatellite is your best choice to enjoy TV! Combine access to over 225
digital-quality channels of DIRECTV® programming with the convenience
and control of digital video recording. With one simple click, record
individual shows or an entire season even if the day or the time of the
show changes. Record two shows on different channels at the same
time, even watch one recorded show while recording two other live shows!
Click the link to visit Isatellite!

Rapid Satellite declare that their main mission is to extend their position
as the highest-rated provider & marketer of Satellite Entertainment
Services to American homes. They provide ubiquitous, nationwide,
cost-effective satellite entertainment, delivering a rich and expanding
set of network programming and entertainment.
Rapid Satellite is one of the highest rated providers/marketers of
satellite entertainment products and services to homes in the USA. The
Rapid Satellite network supports thousands of customers and services
in more than 150 major metropolitan areas across the nation.
Founded in 1999, Rapid Satellite through it's parent company WebClick
Concepts, Inc. is headquartered in beautiful, sunny Miami Beach, Florida.
The company's executive management team represents combined
experience of more than 70 years of senior-level industry and
management experience, with expertise in Satellite TV Entertainment,
Telecommunications, Internet services, Networking, Consumer
Electronics, as well as finance, operations and strategic marketing.
Order Fulfillment is carried out in the most efficient and fastest way via
the state-of-the-art warehouse facilities used. Complete with an
abundance of inventory, your order is ready to ship the very same day
and it is placed together with all necessary parts and safely packaged
to ensure prompt and complete delivery.
Rapid Satellite has built alliances with the industry's leading suppliers,
manufacturers and distributors and markets services from multiple
partners in all 50 states.
Click the following link now to visit their web site.

Nationwidesatellite is a leading source for DIRECTV system equipment.
Over the last 7 years they've helped thousands of families make the switch
Nationwide Satellite's parent company, Westar Holdings Inc. is a past
winner of the #1 DIRECTV Dealer Award For Quality Customer Acquisition.
What does this mean to you? This means they know how to take care of
their customers both before and after the installation of DIRECTV equipment.
Nationwidesatellite offers a wide selection of DIRECTV systems and
accessories, with all the exciting features that DIRECTV offers from Dolby
Digital surround sound to HDTV.
Local qualified professionals perform the installation. You can be confident
they will do the job right for many years of trouble free enjoyment of your
DIRECTV system. Plus all customers get access to special discounts and
benefits including: Discounts on additional receivers and upgrades. Once
you become a new DIRECTV customer you will be eligible for special
discounts, in case you want to add receivers, upgrade your system or add
Check out their offers now at:

Antenna Star was established back in the early eighties. Their long years
of experience have enabled them to always deliver the cutting edge of
satellite technology.
A pioneering satellite company, Antenna Star has been recognized as a
DIRECTV® Elite Top 50 Dealer since it became an authorized dealer.
Antenna Star offers new special deals at any given moment, so bookmark
their site and return often!
Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with their web site and check
out their recent deals.
The link to Antenna star:

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