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Not long ago you could either watch your favorite TV programs in the
comfort of your home, or be on the road listening to your stereo
system. Watching TV while on the road was a pretty wild fantasy.

But just as with many other fantasies, it became a reality. Today you
can watch TV while driving! Well, not you personally; after all,
someone has to drive the car. But your kids, family or friends can
now join you in your car or RV and enjoy TV programs.

But wait, there is more. If you're driving far away from your home,
you won't even have to change channels. The mobile satellite TV
makes it possible to watch your favorite TV channels, no matter
where you are or where you're driving to. The use of a mobile
satellite TV makes this a possibility and like the regular satellite TV
programs, you have a wide choice to make. A van with satellite TV is
the best of both worlds. You get the easy driving and handling and
still, you donít miss a thing on TV.

Mobile satellite TV systems can be installed in an RV, boat, or even in
a car or van, giving you the freedom to travel wherever you want
and watch satellite TV wherever you are. You can even connect to
the Internet. Obviously, to watch satellite TV you need an antenna.
A mobile satellite TV antenna, also called a dish, captures the signal
being sent from a satellite in orbit above the earth and sends it to a

You can get a free satellite antenna when you subscribe to a satellite
TV service, or you can purchase a specialized antenna that
automatically tracks a satellite so you can watch TV while on the
move. Mounts for an antenna can be as simple as a tripod that you
set up outside, or as complex as a combination antenna/receiver
that tracks a satellite and converts the satellite signal for TV viewing.
Prices for satellite TV antennas and mounts vary from $30 for a
simple tripod stand to more than $7,000 for a marine satellite TV
antenna/receiver with automatic tracking.

mobile satellite tv

In addition to a satellite TV dish you'll also need a receiver to decode
the satellite TV signal and send it to your TV. Both DISH Network and
DIRECTV will give you a free dish and up to four free receivers when
you subscribe to their service. They will even give you a free DVR
(digital video recorder) receiver or an HD (high definition) receiver.
You can purchase specialized receivers for vehicle and marine
applications. To get an idea of what's available, go online and do an
Internet search.

To watch mobile satellite TV you need to subscribe to one of the
service providers. DISH Network, DIRECTV, and Sky Angel are the
three satellite TV providers in the U.S. DISH Network offers 350
channels of satellite TV programming with prices starting at $19.99
for their 40-channel package. Their programming includes movie
channels, sports packages, Sirius satellite radio channels, news and
weather channels, game channels, and pay-per-view movies and
special events.

DIRECTV offers 250 channels of satellite TV programming with prices
starting at $41.99 for their 155 channel package. Their programming
includes sports packages, movie channels, news and weather
channels, pay-per-view movies and events, and XM satellite radio
channels. Sky Angel is a Christian satellite TV provider offering
Christian TV shows, special events, Christian conferences, children's
shows, inspirational programming, and Christian radio programs.
Their programming costs $14.99 per month and includes 20 TV
program channels plus 15 satellite radio channels.

Having a mobile satellite TV is a great boon to parents who need to
travel long distances with their children. The main problem of driving
long distances with children is that bored children may turn your
driving into a nightmare. Having to travel for a long time without any
distractions can make children irritable. This is where the mobile
satellite TV comes into play.

Once you have fixed your satellite dish to your vehicle you can travel
and watch the TV at the same time. There are however road laws
which you will need to see about as some states will not allow driving
and TV viewing at the same time. This will not however matter if you
have made the TV screen to be placed where the passengers can
see the screen without causing you any driving distractions.

While having the ability to watch TV while you are traveling is a
wonderful invention, there are drawbacks. The main drawback is that
of obstruction free southern skies. On clear roads where there are
no overhead bridges or buildings blocking the signal you will be able
to get a good reception to watch whatever programs that you desire.

The different mobile TVs you can buy will all give you this great
advantage. At present you should expect that you will only be able
to see programs on your mobile satellite TV when you are driving on
country roads. For journeys that are far the hustle and bustle of city
life, a mobile satellite TV will keep your family entertained for hours.

Analysts project that by 2011, more than 3 million vehicles will be
equipped with mobile satellite TV systems. There is a strong demand
among customers for live news, entertainment, and sports while
driving long distances or during their vacation. Placing a mobile
satellite TV in a car or RV turn your vehicle into an extension of your
home. The amazing combination of the vacation vehicle and a
DIRECTV service is a great solution, keeping you and your family
entertained virtually anywhere you drive.

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