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If you live in Alaska, Satellite TV is an amazing home entertainment
option. With endless programming choices and user friendly equipment,
you can now enjoy a wide range of channels at very affordable prices.
Well, that is... if you have a good TV set of course. Let's have a look at
what the major Satellite TV providers have to offer you in Alaska.

DirecTV Alaska
DirecTV Alaska offers great options. Their programming deals are
excellent, including packages containing from 50 channels up to over
250 channels. On Directv Alaska's channels you'll find the best sports
programs, great movies, programs for children of all ages, local and
national programs, news, weather, and many more. All the programs
are delivered in 100% digital quality signaling. All you need to do is to
add your favorite programming to your equipment package and you're
ready to go!

DirecTV Alaska was the first to introduce the minidish, an innovative
device that revolutionized satellite television. The minidish is smaller
and more compact than previous dishes, with only 18 inches width.
Today it is the standard in homes around the country. DirecTV Alaska
was also a pioneer in designing and implementing an on-screen
viewing guide, so that viewers could easily choose their priorities. In
addition, Directv introduced the option of ordering Pay Per View
programs using the remote control.

Directv AK offers 250 channels of crisp, clear digital television, with a
continuously growing menu of channels and services. With the launch
of new satellites, they'll increase their assortment and the range of
high definition (HD) programs will be significantly expanded. In the near
future DirecTV AK will offer their devoted viewers 1700 hours of high
definition programming each week, in addition to regional channels.
Viewers will be able to tune into HD broadcasting networks like ESPN and
ESPN2, C-SPAN, HBO and Cinemax, and Discovery Theater. ABC, NBC and
FOX will also be available in HD.

Among their exciting sports exclusives there are several channels that
subscribers can't get anywhere else. NFL Sunday Ticket brings the sports
fan the most professional football action possible, with more than 90
different games in high definition. Not to mention pre-game shows,
interviews and much more. During off-season, you can tune into the
professional Europe league.

DirecTV Alaska has everything a television fan is looking for, with great
offers and packages. Get a 1 to 4 room system with free installation
and equipment. Enjoy their 100% digital-quality sounds and the crystal-
clear picture on every channel. The quality from every angle is led by
DirecTV with a digital signal 99.96% of the time in both rainy or sunny
weather. Only on Direct TV you'll enjoy an interactive mix of channels
with up to 8 live channels of sports, news and kid shows, on one screen.
Not only do you have to quality of visual entertainment, but Direct TV
offers audio excellence with XM Satellite Radio.

Based on official publications, DirecTV achieve high customer satisfaction
ratings, with more people choosing DirecTV than all other satellite TV and
cable providers. From the basics to the complex, you'll find what you need.
The convenience of the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) can be yours,
allowing you to Pause, Rewind, and Record live TV - up to 100 hours!
The possibilities are endless with all of the fabulous equipment, sports,
movies, and audio from Direct TV.

stv alaska

Dish Network Alaska
Dish Network Alaska offers a wide range of entertainment programming
selections. All programming signals are 100 percent digital, with deep and
vivid colors and defined images. The programs are received from the
network's fleet of orbiting satellites. These signals are decoded and
converted into either standard resolution or high definition resolution for
viewing on the customers' television sets. HD TV is the ultimate
broadcasting quality and DishNetwork are very proud to be able to provide
these theater-like qualities, including crystal-clear pictures and CD quality
or Dolby Surround Sound.

Alaska Dishnetwork offers its first-time subscribers totally free satellite
equipment, in addition to a free Digital Video Recorder (DVR). They also
provide professional installation of all the equipment. The DVR is extremely
efficient because it enables busy people and families to record their
favorite programming (up to 100 hours) and view them whenever they
choose. The new advanced features on the slim remote enable the
clients to stop and resume live programming for unexpected interruptions,
or even create their own instant replays. Dishnetwork viewers can also
control what type of programming is viewed through a special Parental
Control Lock.

Alaska Dish Network offers many channels. The entry-level package
contains more channels than most mid-level packages offered by other
providers. The family package includes from 40 to more than 220 different
channels, with America's Top 60, 120, 180, and 'Everything Pak', with
additional high definition channels available in HDNet. The lineups are
extensive and include local channels, movies (up to 500 commercial-free
movies), sports channels, family channels, interactive channels,
educational channels, children's channels, life-style channels, international
programming, Sirius music channels, and more. The HDNet package
contains ESPN HD, Discovery HD, TNT HD, CBS HD, and others. The Specialty
HD packages - HD Bronze, HD Silver, HD gold, and HD Platinum contain
channels of high definition as well as channels of standard definition in
varying numbers. Sports broadcasts are at a premium with Dish Network.
Viewers can enjoy all their favorites - local teams, MLB Extra Innings,
NBA League Pass, NHL on the Ice, and ESPN Gameday.

Alaska Dish Network is committed to their next day installation offer. The
company has consistently received a top rating in Customer Service from
J. D. Power and Associates, which is an assurance for many looking to
improve their home entertainment systems.

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