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Over the past years there is a destinctive increasing demand for
satellite images and satellite aerial imaging. Recognizing that
organizations, institutions and companies require a handson approach
for their Earth-imagery needs, satellite aerial imaging providers offer
their clients the opportunity to purchase and operate their own ground
stations and processing centers. Harnessing unique satellite sources,
collection technologies and processes, these new providers give their
customers the autonomy to address specific areas of interest by
directly tasking satellites, thereby ensuring timely collection and
distribution of critical data, from basic image collection and processing
to advanced exploitation systems.

The origin of this increasing demand is the frequent changes Earth is
going thtough. From fluctuations in land and water resources to
humankind’s ever-growing impact on the planet, our world is in a
constant state of motion. In order to follow these changes, both the
civilian and commercial markets are passionate about receiving
updated information derived from space aerial imagery. This
information is critical for meticulously document the ever-changing
features of our environment, our resources, and our world.

One of the best known series of earth observation satellites is Landsat.
Landsat 7 orbits at an altitude of approximately 438 miles. It repeats
its coverage of the earth every 16 days. The on-board sensors capture
an image area of about 115 miles x 115 miles, producing two types of
image data: MultiSpectral Scanner (MSS) and Thematic Mapper (TM).
Landsat 7 uses a new Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+). One of
its new features is a panchromatic band (Band 8) with 15 meter
resolution. Low cost sample datasets from Landsat 7 are available
from the U.S.G.S. EROS Data Center.

Another leader in satellite imaging is GeoEye. GeoEye is the largest
commercial remote sensing company in the world. The newly combined
company has almost 300 employees and is headquartered in Dulles,

GeoEye-1 satellite (previously known as Orbview-5), is scheduled to
launch in early 2007 on a Boeing Delta 2 from Vandenberg AFB in
California, and will operate in a sun-synchronous polar orbit at an
altitude of 660 kilometers (410 miles). Its camera will have the ability
to take panchromatic (black & white) images with a ground resolution
of 0.41-meters and multispectral (color) images with a resolution of
1.65-meters. Since the panchromatic and multispectral images will be
taken at the same instant in time, GeoEye will be able to offer .41-
meter color imagery or what is called a pan-sharpened product. The
spacecraft will be able to collect about 700,000 square kilometers
(270,272 square miles) of images per day. Since large area mapping
will be a key mission, the satellite will have the ability to locate an
object on the earth’s surface to within 3-meters of its true position on
the globe.

Right now GeoEye owns and operates a constellation of three earth
imaging satellites: OrbView-2, IKONOS and OrbView-3.

OrbView-2, provides low-resolution images of up to 1.1 kilometers.
This is ideal for broad area global coverage. IKONOS is the world’s
first high-resolution commercial remote sensing satellite with a ground
resolution of 82-meters. On June 26, 2003, a Pegasus XL successfully
launched OrbView-3 into a 470-kilometer (292-mile) sun-synchronous
orbit. The satellite is capable of providing one-meter resolution
panchromatic and four-meter resolution multispectral imagery. The
company sells time on the IKONOS and OrbView-3 satellites to investors
around the globe. Ground station owners in almost every region of the
world have direct access to the satellite and can market and sell
imagery in those parts of the world.

The company has long-term contracts in place with Microsoft and Yahoo!
as a supplier of commercial satellite imagery for mapping services.
Imagery for search engines is primarily drawn from the GeoEye
archive of imagery which consists of some 253 million square kilometers.

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