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More than ever before, drivers all over the country rely on satellite
navigation devices to find their location or to move from one place to
another. Although software glitches can sometimes send us down
one-way streets or up impassable mountain tracks, satellite
navigation is still the best option. If you use some common sense
and you don't take everything a sat-nav says literally, then this
will probably turn out to be the best technological investment you've
ever made.

There are plenty of GPS satellite-navigation systems on the market
that will get you exactly where you need to go. From driving within a
city you haven't visited before, touring the countryside or driving
abroad, using a GPS system will make it easier and more relaxing.
Moreover, satellite devices have become so small that they'll fit in
your pocket, enabling you to use them while you stroll the streets
or hike the hills.

The type of navigation devices you'll be using will depend on your
specific needs. A big screen is always good if you're going to use it
mainly while driving, as it's much easier to see what's going on. You
also want to look out for whether or not it says street names, as this
will prove more helpful than just 'turn left' and 'turn right' instructions.
Seasoned drivers or drivers who use to cross speed limits will
probably be interested in speed-camera alerts and traffic updates.
And if you are just a walker, then you'll need something small and
light that fits in your pocket.

Other interesting features include Bluetooth connectivity, so you can
use it as a hands-free kits for your mobile phone, MP3 players and
photo viewers. Of course, the thing that matters most is whether or
not you like the way it gives you directions, so make sure to test out
the interface at the shop.

In fact personal navigation systems could become the next must-
have gadgets. While portable global positioning system (GPS)
devices are hardly as ubiquitous as iPods, dropping prices and new
features are starting to win over customers, from weekend hikers to
people who are just tired of their lousy sense of direction. Why the
sudden popularity of navigation systems? Well, maybe because we
have less time to waste on getting lost. Specially when there is an

Obviously, reduced prices on satellite navigation devices are also a
good reason. Today it's inevitable that technologies will become
cheaper over time as manufacturers discover more cost-efficient
ways to produce them. Portable consumer GPS systems have been
around for more than 15 years, but are only now starting to become
affordable. The GPS market is dominated by companies most people
didn't even hear of. Garmin, a company based in Olathe, Kan., leads
in retail unit volume with a 57 percent share, followed by Dutch GPS
maker TomTom with 21 percent. Traditional consumer electronics
makers are also joining the game - Pioneer, Sony, Alpine, Delphi,
Hewlett-Packard and Sanyo.

Approximately 6 percent of North American drivers currently use
personal navigation devices. That's the reason why the navigation
devices include additional features like Bluetooth support, FM
transmission, expandable memory card slots to play movies, music
and display photos, traffic information and touch-screen navigation.
The all-in-one, multifunctional devices are also part of a larger trend
in consumer electronics in general. Personal navigation devices from
Garmin, TomTom, HP, Pharos and many others exhibit the blurring of
the line between devices used in the home and those made for the

A recent research reveals a new and interesting aspect of the
positive influence of satellite navigation devices on driving and traffic
safety. The key findings are:
• improves the driver’s behavior when driving through an unknown
area to an unknown destination
• heightens alertness and reduces the stress levels of the driver
• reduces the amount of miles driven by 16%
• reduces travel time when driving through an unknown area to an
unknown destination by 18%
• reduces the workload (the amount of effort it takes the driver to
drive) of the driver when travelling through an unknown area to an
unknown destination
• drivers who do NOT have the use of a satellite navigation solution
have 12% more damage claims to their vehicles

But there is more to it than safety. Suppose you are out of the office
most of the day and you need a device that can keep you in touch.
Today you can buy a GPS device that includes a phone, PDA, camera
and GPS receiver. This combination can keep you on the road as long
as you need to be, including so many features that it’s perfect for the
business user. Usually you'll have a 3in LCD screen which is your
window to a Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and GSM communication protocols.
With all these options you'll never be out of touch. Powerful Intel
processors power these smart devices so that you'll get a fast and
responsive interface which can operate mobile versions of Word,
Excel and Messenger.

Whether you need it for managing your company or for private uses,
today's satellite navigation devices are ingenious. Everything in
included in one integrated package, even the most demanding of
business users will find it hard to find any shortcomings.

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