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Satellite navigation systems are an excellent tool to find your location
or to move from one point to another, but sometimes portable
satellite navigation systems are even better. They are better
because they enable higher flexibility, they no not require complex
installation and they are...portable.

With the portable satellite navigation systems you'll experience
stress free navigating & motoring for holidays, leisure pursuits,
business trips and weekend walks. These systems pack a host of
powerful features, usually into a user friendly design and they have
the ability to work as well in the car as "on the go" in multiple vehicle

With the portable navigation systems there are no complicated
installation requirements so they're ready to go out of the box. You
really have the flexibility of using them anywhere you go and you
don't need to worry about wires and plugs. The units function
completely on battery power if necessary and can fit in a purse or
briefcase. They're light enough to take anywhere!

The portable navigation systems are ideal for people who travel on
business and rent cars, for families splitting time between multiple
vehicles, for anyone who is new to a particular city or town, and
great for those who want technology but don't want the
complications of bulky electronics to move around from place to place
or the limitations of an "installed" navigation system. People who
are looking for an easy way to experience the benefits of satellite
navigation wherever they are driving will appreciate these
lightweight, easy to use systems.

No wonder that the sales of portable satellite-navigation systems
have boomed as prices tumble and new products hit the market. The
choice is bewildering. Although small, these devices use the same
technology as the more expensive fixed in-car navigation set-ups.
They pick up signals from global positioning system (GPS) satellites
to work out where you are, then give on-screen and voice
instructions turn-by-turn until you reach your destination. They will
re-direct you if you hit a jam, while the best units will automatically
re-calculate a route if you take a wrong turn.

At the beginning you'll probably be worried what will happen when
the vehicle starts moving. But no need to worry. When used in the
car the portable systems come with a car docking cradle that allows
the unit to be attached to the windshield or dashboard with a simple
suction cup and then dock in place for a secure fit. The dock also has
a connection for the cigarette lighter power adapter so there aren't
a lot of messy wires to unplug when it's time to move the unit to
another vehicle.

The small size of the portable unit means that the user can pack it in
a brief case, purse, or back pack with no problem whatsoever. At
just about 11 ounces, it's not much more effort to carry along than a
PDA or an MP3 player! If you find yourself switching vehicles too
often, the portable navigation system will make it really easy for you.

As an easy to operate satellite navigation system, the portable units
are an excellent solution. Whether it's for business travel, piece of
mind with family travel, or even for drivers who choose destinations
as they go, they definitely belong on every dashboard!

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