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Satellite Navigation systems have become a very important tool in
the modern world, allowing users to plan their journeys or routes
and reach safely their destination. Satellite navigation gives users
the ability to find out exactly where they are, and the best route to
their destination in real time. This means that drivers will not be able
to get lost, and if they're using advanced devices that integrate
traffic information, they'll even avoid busy stretches of road. While
the majority of Satellite navigation systems currently sold are stand
alone models that are limited to use in a vehicle, the newer devices
now have GPS integrated into them, with PDA GPS navigation via a
portable computer fast becoming the preferred way of finding your

Unless you’ve got a recent PDA that has a satellite receiver built in,
you’ll need to hook your organiser up to the stars. It’s relatively
easy to turn your PDA into a satellite navigation system. There are
also plenty of car mounting kits for PDAs that have an antenna built
in, and these can help to reduce the number of wires trailing around
the cabin. This solution does tie your satellite navigation capability
to your car, but you still can take your PDA with you.

The antenna mounts can also have an added loudspeaker, so if your
PDA is on the quiet side they’re worth considering too. If your PDA is
Bluetooth enabled, you can connect to similarly enabled antenna
wirelessly, getting rid of unnecessary cables. Be aware that not
every GPS-enabled PDA comes with mapping and navigation
software included in the price, but there are several packages

The main advantage of the PDA GPS Navigation system is its many
combined features which operate within a single, user friendly
device. Since PDA is a portable device, it allows you to carry it with
you anywhere, at all times. Journey planning and the navigation
have never been easier!

There are two main ways in which you can get a satellite navigation
function into your PDA GPS Navigation system, and these both have
advantages and drawbacks to them. The most popular method of
turning your PDA into a GPS Navigation system is by adding an extra
function to a standard hand held computer such as a Palm PDA. It's
pretty simple: take a regular PDA and add to it a plug-in module and
the respective software. Once installed, your PDA will get its exact
position from the GPS satellite network, using the information in
conjunction with mapping data. Now you're ready to plan your route!

The advantage of this first method is what people call - familiarity. In
other words, converting your own PDA into a PDA GPS Navigation
system means that you will work with a familiar device that already
includes your current handheld computer. This method allows you to
turn a relatively low cost PDA into a high end satellite navigation
system quite quickly and easily.

The main disadvantage of using a conversion method that adds GPS
functionality to a standard PDA is that you have to pay twice; once
for the PDA and once for the GPS. The overall cost of the device may
be a lot higher than a dedicated model. Furthermore, the system will
be a compromise of functionality, and the overall effect including the
display of the mapping data may not be as good as on a dedicated

With a fully integrated PDA GPS Navigation system, made by a
specialist manufacturer such as Garmin, you get a well made device
that focuses on producing the highest quality information in an easy
to use and highly attractive casing. To some users, the integration
process may look like a compromise, specially if the converted PDA
will work slower. But it doesn't have be that way. If you choose
your components from a top manufacturer, you will be guaranteed
an excellent system.

Here are the main benefits of a PDA Satellite Navigation device:
* Integrated system - everything you need to start navigating
* Integrated high-sensitivity antenna receives satellite signal on the
open highway, small country road, or in the middle of urban areas
* Hotkey buttons to switch between GPS and the other applications
* User friendly and professional mode to suit user preferences
* Loud and clear voice guided navigation
* Smooth 3D and 2D maps
* GPS receiver is folded away neatly when not needed
* Suited to navigation in-car, on foot, or on a bicycle
* Mobile office software to keep you connected

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