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The Satellite Linked Navigation System is definitely the future of
navigation and a must have for anyone who travels frequently. This
ingenious system does everything from simple trip mapping to
finding the nearest restaurant when you are hungry within
unfamiliar territory. The satellite linked navigation system has been
installed on Honda cars and it's now an integrated part of some of
their models. Available in most markets, the Navigation System
uses signals sent by orbiting Global Positioning Satellites and an
on-board internal navigation system to precisely determine your

How It Works?
By using state-of-the-art touch screen technology and a joystick, you
just indicate your destination and the navigation system will give you
step-by-step voice guided instructions on how to get there. You can
select an address, a specific location, an intersection or a point of
interest stored in the unit's memory. Some of the locations stored in
memory include banks, airports, hotels, restaurants, shopping
centers and auto service facilities.

If you're hungry and you're looking for a restaurant with a particular
cuisine, you can call that up and a list of restaurants appear. Make
your selection and the screen displays the name, address, phone
number and distance from your present location. And you can even
select the type of route. You can choose "Direct Route," "Easiest
Route," "Minimize Freeway" or even "Minimize Toll Road."

While some outlying areas may not be as detailed as the more
populated cities, the system can be personalized by storing up to 50
addresses and phone for each of two users (100 in all) to facilitate
quick routing from any location covered by the database. The
system includes an 8 gig DVD database to provide maps and
directions across the contiguous U.S. Plus a listing of over 7,000,000
points of interest, like gas stations, ATMs and restaurants, to help
you find what you need on the road. The system can respond to
more than 600 voice commands. It will provide a moving map display,
voice prompts and even turn-by-turn directions. With such a smart
system you won't have to stop and ask strangers for directions

The latest generation of Honda's Satellite-Linked Navigation System
is available as a factory option on CR-V EX-L models and features a
6.5-inch motorized display that opens and closes for access to the
internal CD player slot and a digital audio card reader. The digital
audio card reader can play MP3 and WMA files from SD,
CompactFlash™, and Flash ATA memory cards. The voice recognition,
capable of more than 650 system commands, can also recognize any
street name and city name in the extensive nationwide database.

When navigating freeways, a split screen design enhances on-screen
information with a "map view" and "3-D" route visualization of
freeways simultaneously, making your navigation much simpler. The
system is integrated with the car's audio system, so driving
instructions can be heard over the speaker system, and the voice
recognition feature adds a hands-free realm of control to the
navigation system. The Satellite-Linked DVD Navigation System
uses Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) in combination with detailed
information from the vehicle's DVD-based mapping system to
pinpoint the vehicle's location and to provide a host of useful
mapping and route guidance features.

The system's antenna can utilize up to 12 satellites from a network
of 24 global positioning satellites. If the antenna is obstructed by a
tunnel, a parking garage or a tall building, an internal gyroscopic
system and a speed sensor track the location of the vehicle so that
the map information remains current and reliable. The vehicle clock is
independently controlled by GPS data, so when time zones are
crossed while driving the clock will automatically set itself to the
current time.

Turn-by-turn voice guidance is user selectable in either male or
female voice and can be turned off at any time. Destination memory
recalls current trip addresses and previous destinations; and
calendar and calculator with English to metric number converter is
standard. The navigation system can be controlled by the driver
through either the voice recognition system, the touch screen
display, or by the joystick on the instrument panel. The voice
recognition system works when the "talk" button, located on the
steering wheel, is depressed. When spoken to, the system
recognizes commands such as "find nearest gas station," or "find
nearest ATM" and can also recognize street and city names.

The 6.5-inch LCD display is a touch screen (TFT, resistive film) that
allows the driver or front passenger to choose menu options or type
a word (i.e. address, business name, place, etc.) through a touch-
sensitive keypad. The keypad can be set to alphabetical or a QWERTY
typewriter-style layout. Alternatively, the joystick can be used to
highlight menu options or to highlight specific letters on the keypad
to complete a word. A matte finish is used on the display to reduce
glare and smudging. When disc loading is selected for the CD player,
the motorized screen conveniently tilts down to allow access to the
CD loader located behind the screen.

For data storage, the system uses a single 8 GB DVD that contains
information for the entire United States. Future updates to the
navigation system can be made by installing an updated DVD
(available by via Honda's OwnerLink on-line or by calling a toll free
number in the owner's manual).

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