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Thuraya mobile phones function as both cellular and satellite phones
providing service in areas where many cellular and landlines may
never go. This allows you to stay in touch from virtually anywhere
with reliable voice and data services.

Thuraya is the regional geostationary satellite communications
system belonging to the Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications
Company in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. Well-known
network operators and investors from the Middle East and
Mediterranean region are participating in Thuraya. The satellite
network, which has been developed and installed by BOEING, is
intended to provide some 2 billion people on three continents with
favourably-priced Satellite/GSM telephony services. Thuraya
launched its commercial services in the beginning of 2001.

Located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Thuraya is the
operator of a regional mobile satellite system and will provide
personal communications services based on a geostationary
satellite system. This system is intended to cover an area of
more than 100 countries in Europe, North and Central Africa,
the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent.
Thuraya services will include voice, fax, and data services, and
will be offered via handheld, vehicular, and fixed terminals to
users throughout the coverage area.

Thuraya is a regional mobile satellite system that provides
satellite telephone services to a region covering 99 countries.
Thuraya’s footprint includes the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle
East, Central Asia, North and Central Africa, and Europe. Thuraya
offers satellite-based telephony through a dynamic mobile phone
that combines satellite, GSM & GPS.

Designed for a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, Thuraya’s satellite is
in geo-synchronous orbit, positioned 36,000 km above the earth
at 44 degrees east above the equator, which roughly is above the
African country of Somalia. The Thuraya system includes a spare
ground satellite that may be launched at a later date as a back up
and a third that could be used to expand system capacity. Its
Primary Gateway is situated in Sharjah, UAE, and acts as the
operation centre for the mobile satellite system.

The Thuraya satellite is simple and proven. Each consists of an
antenna, a trapezoidal body, two solar arrays and a magnetometer.

General Characteristics:
Total weight - 450kg
Number of Spot beams - 16
Power - 1100W
Lifetime - 7.5 years
Allocated frequencies: Direction Frequency
Thuraya Phone-Satellite 1610-1625,5MHz
Satellite-Thuraya Phone 2483,5-2500MHz
Satellite-Gateway 6875-7055MHz
Gateway-Satellite 5091-5250MHz

The satellites are placed in eight orbital planes of six satellites each,
inclined at 52 degrees to provide service on Earth from 70 degrees
North latitude to 70 degrees South.

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