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If you work in areas where traditional communication lines are non
existent and need to send, and receive documents on a regular basis,
satellite fax service is the answer. Satellite fax services allow you to
send and receive faxes from remote locations in the country or
around the world, working with standard G3 fax machines. Satellite
fax services with easy to use interfaces provide a cost-effective
solution for professionals in the mining, transportation, forestry, oil
& gas exploration and other industries requiring satellite

The satellite fax services include many benefits:
- The data compression reduces airtime and transmission costs
- Error-free transmission, getting your messages through the first time
- Store and forward, enabling send/receive at your convenience
- Worldwide access to anyone around the world who has a fax machine

The features you should check when choosing your satellite fax service:
- One number dialing
- Compatible with standard G3 fax machines
- Reduced airtime via data compression
- Mail broadcast capabilities
- End-to-end delivery notification
- Virtual and secure user access
- Error free transmission
- Simple installation and mounting
- Technical Features

There are various situations that require business people to send
faxes on the go. Professionals are constantly on the move and do
not have access to the standard office equipment. Identifying the
necessity and benefit of being able to send and receive fax documents
without the use of a computer, companies developed mobile satellite
faxing, like Iridium's SkyFax.

The SkyFax solution is ideal for providing mobile communication
functionality. Often there is a need to establish communications
capability in a temporary site such as a mining site, emergency relief
area or a base camp in a remote area. SkyFax provides users the
ability to send and receive documents by providing plug-n-play
connectivity between a standard fax machine and an HSi modem or
Iridium satellite phone all without the use of a computer. Designed
to handle a rugged environment, the SkyFax can operate under the
most demanding conditions. The display is backlit making it clearly
visible in the dark.

The new service will permit subscribers to send and receive fax
messages between ship and shore anywhere in the world using
standard Group 3 fax machines. Iridium’s fax service will include
a newly developed low-cost fax modem, which can easily be added
to an onboard Iridium terminal and will provide the least-expensive
global satellite fax solution available. The service offers inbound
numbers to its platform, that will benefit shipping and fishing
companies who rely on text communications for sending manifests,
service reports, catch information, repair manuals and other
documents to and from vessels at sea.

Globalstar, the world’s most widely-used handheld satellite phone,
also introduced a commercial fax service over its network, allowing
users to send and receive fax documents wherever they use their
Globalstar satellite phone. The company’s new StarFax service
offers the highest fax transmission speed of any mobile satellite
phone service. It provides the users with complete fax capability
via a small interface device that works with virtually any standard
Group 3 fax machine. The interface device communicates via the
Globalstar satellite network with a central server that receives fax
images and forwards them on to their final destination. As a result,
users can send and receive faxes via their fax machine as if it
were connected to a regular phone line, with all satellite and
interface links handled automatically in the background.

In receive mode, StarFax uses a store-and-forward system, with
fax images held on a central server until they are successfully
delivered. If no Globalstar connection is active to receive the
image when first sent, the central server attempts to resend the
fax at regular intervals. In send mode, StarFax service will initially
allow delivery to any phone number in Canada or the U.S., with
full worldwide sending capability expected to be offered in the

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