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The satellite pager is a lightweight and wearable one-way messaging
device that keeps you in touch wherever you are in the world.
Combined with a Satellite phone, the pager offers one of the world's
most extensive global wireless personal communications networks.

The satellite pager has been developed to receive messages in areas
that are not covered by other communication devices. Whenever you
are out of reach, the satellite pager receives all your messages,
wherever your travels take you. The belt-worn pager offers a
flexible, cost-effective global communications package for unlimited

Let's take Iridium 9501 satellite pager as an example. Here are some
of its features:
- Easy to use icon driven menu
- International character set
- Optimax electro-luminescent display for exceptional readability
- Stylish lightweight design
- Real time clock with dual time zones display
- Multiple user selectable indicators or alerts

Its 80 character display reads 4 alphanumeric lines per screen. It has
a phone book with caller ID which stores up to 99 phone book entries
per folder, up to 99 personal messages and up to 128,000 characters.

Indicators/ Alert Features:
- 9 User Selectable Alerts including silent vibration
- Battery Meter
- Built-In Alarm Clock (one time or daily alarms)
- Duplicate Message
- Missed Message
- Satellite Signal Strength Meter

Messaging Features:
- It can be coupled with Iridium World Satellite Service to ensure
message receipt (follow me paging)
- Quiet time, it reairs messages silently during preset hours
- It reads text or numeric pages
- Time and Date Stamping

The reason you only got a couple listings is because Iridium is pretty
much the only game in town, and in fact it's pretty much the only pager
on the market. There weren't exactly a lot of devices made for this
market. It's no small feat to operate a global voice/data satellite
network. There are only a couple of other providers like Inmarsat and
Globalstar, geared more toward the government, military and
enterprise markets.

Obviously you may prefer not only a pager, but a satellite handset,
that can also get email and numeric messages. Keep in mind, though,
that all these satellite devices are subject to normal satellite
requirements, meaning - line of sight to the sky. Although they may
sometimes work in vehicles, wooded areas, etc., and you will get
confirmed delivery of messages once you're again in range, but these
things aren't exactly set up to work in houses and buildings. You may
have no choice but to have a conventional cell phone/pager AND a
satellite device, in cases when you're remote and have your
automated systems or people try both devices.

Sometimes you may also consider a conventional 2-way or 1.5-way
nationwide pager, which provides delivery confirmation and
re-attempts connection if you're temporarily out of range. But if you
know you're going to be out of range for a while, you pretty much
restricted to something like one of the satellite solutions. Consider
a mobile phone. Most providers' digital networks offer email service,
numeric "paging", and even true TAP/IXO paging. Just look into a
provider that covers your area(s).

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