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Do you want to access your emails, surf the web, transfer files and
make phone calls from anywhere in the world?

Today, it is impossible to work without communicating. Wherever you
are, you must be able to phone your colleagues, send and receive
key data about your company or clients, and keep in touch with loved
ones. BGAN makes it all possible. Thanks to our exclusive services
and a wide range of lightweight and mobile terminals, it takes only a
few minutes to establish a broadband connection from almost
anywhere in the world.

Purchasing a satellite phone is very much like shopping for the best
cell phone plan, just much more expensive. Sky high one might say.
First choose a satellite phone, then a provider, then a plan. Or the
smarter move may be just to rent one for your off-the-grid odyssey.

The first thing you need to do is determine what you want. Do you
need global coverage including oceans, airspace and the Polar
Regions? Or just land coverage is enough? Do you need global
coverage or just a few continents? Are you going to be traveling
across the continents or restricted largely to one continent? Depending
on your requirements there are different satellite communication
companies offering different plans. To get the best satellite phone
and satellite service plan for your requirements you must be very
clear on what you want and what you donít really need and are willing
to forego.

Secondly, find out all the available options. There are many leading
players in the satellite phone segment like Iridium, Globalstar and
Inmarsat to name a few. Each satellite phone company has its own
plans, coverage, rates and satellite phone models and accessories.
Depending on your requirements research what each company has
to offer you and compare the rates. Once you have an idea of what
competitors are charging it gives you better leverage to negotiate a
cheaper deal. Make sure the provider you choose offers service to
wherever you're headed.

Choose between buying a new or used satellite phone or just renting
one. For example, a high-end Motorola 9505 handheld unit is about
$1,500 new, $1,000 used, and $20 a day to rent. Less fancy units sell
for as little as $300 used or $45 a week to rent. If you're heading to
an ultraremote location, be sure to bring along a solar-powered
battery charger (about $40).

A great trick for getting cheap satellite phones is to buy right after the
holiday season. The holiday season is when people want to buy gifts
and indulge themselves also. Sales are high and chances are low that
you will get cheap or bargain satellite phones. Right after the holidays
comes a lull in the retail market. Most customers have overspent
during the holidays and are ready to tighten their belts. Vendors
looking to make some off-season sales are likely to sweeten the pot
with freebies and discounts. This is a great time to pick up some really
cheap satellite phones.

Shop online! Often online stores do not have to bear the overheads
of maintaining full time staff and inventory associated with traditional
shops. Hence, they are able to forward part of their savings to
customers in the form of discounts and reduced rates. The Internet
is a great place to buy cheap satellite phones and satellite phone

Buy a second hand satellite phone. Satellite phones are built to stand
harsh conditions. If you can find a good, barely used satellite phone
on auction sites like then you may want to strike the deal.
A new satellite phone can cost you anywhere between $1500 and
$2000. The same used satellite phone can be bought for almost half
the price at $800 - $1000! Thatís definitely a great deal! Of course,
you want to check the satellite phone first hand to see if it is in
complete working condition before you pay any money.

Thus, getting a discounted rate for satellite phones and satellite phone
accessories is all about shopping smart. You need to be clear about
what you want and then buy it during the off-season. Also, older
models of satellite phones are generally cheaper than newer ones
so that can be another way to reduce your costs and save some

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