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Globalstar offers an array of products and satellite phone services,
designed to support almost any data or voice communications
application wherever you live, travel or work. The Globalstar service
rolled out in late 1999 and is now available in much of the world.
Globalstar has good coverage in most major countries, but if you're
traveling outside the 120 countries they provide coverage in, your
phone becomes useless. Globalstar phones are about half the price
of Iridium phones (and sometimes even less). Call rates are lower
for calls within the US but similar to or sometimes even more than
Iridium when roaming outside the US.

Globalstar uses LEO satellites, similar to Iridium, but slightly higher
up (about 880 miles above the earth) so needs fewer satellites (44)
to give coverage. Because the satellites are arrayed in a Walker
type constellation, they do not provide full pole to pole coverage,
but this is of relevance only to polar explorers. This Walker type
constellation has one advantage over Iridium - it provides equal
satellite coverage all around the globe (apart from above/below 68
degrees N/S), whereas the polar orbits of the Iridium satellites
(see image at top of page) means their satellites get bunched up
towards the top and bottom of the globe, and are spread most
thinly around the equator.

A benefit of Globalstar is that you can get a US phone number
for your satellite phone. Unfortunately, a disadvantage is that
you pay for incoming calls as well as outgoing calls. Like Iridium,
Globalstar also went through a bankruptcy after its initial
projections proved to be wildly optimistic.

Whether you are in the heart of the city or heading out of town,
Globalstar will provide you with high-quality, affordable, and
reliable satellite communications. Globalstar gives you the choice
to stay in touch even when your adventures take you beyond
cellular coverage. When your entire business centers on remote
job sites and you need to maintain a high quality, reliable
communications with your crew, there’s Globalstar. Instead of
being out of touch when you go off-road, you have the benefit
of contact via Globalstar. If you need ship-to-store communications,
get on board with Globalstar. We give you the choice to stay in
touch even when your work takes you beyond cellular coverage.
Now, wherever life takes you, you’ll have dependable
communications. Globalstar picks up where cellular systems
leave off, expanding your communications coverage via its 48 -
satellite network to remote areas and beyond.

Globalstar automatically searches for a connection to the more
cost-efficient analog or digital CDMA cellular networks. Only when
cellular services are unavailable will calls route to the Globalstar
satellite network. Both the Globalstar phone and the satellite network
focus on simplicity. The handset is three phones in one with built-in
technology to easily access 800 MHz analog cellular, digital CDMA
cellular, as well as the Globalstar satellite system. Globalstar keeps
the most complex system elements in its ground-based gateways.
The satellites simply receive call signals and relay them directly back
down to gateways. Neither inter-satellite links nor on-board processing
is needed to make or receive calls. This design allows Globalstar to
make quick and cost-effective repairs and upgrades. Globalstar
satellite service is specifically designed for use in locations where
there is no other type of phone service. For example, inside a
building in an urban city, you use standard cellular phone service.
When at work or play in a remote area, you utilize the Globalstar
satellite service. To make or receive calls on the Globalstar system,
you must be outside in an unobstructed area with clear visibility to
the sky. This position provides the necessary line-of-sight to the
satellites so you can make and receive Globalstar calls.

Globalstar's mobile satellite phones, only slightly larger than
traditional cellular phones, are built by three of the world's top
wireless manufacturers, Ericsson, Qualcomm and Telit. These
phones are multi-mode and work with terrestrial AMPS, CDMA,
or GSM networks, as well as the Globalstar satellite network. Fixed
phone options include models manufactured by Ericsson and
Qualcomm, and public payphones, built by Schlumberger. A wide
assortment of accessories is also available for increased freedom
in the field, in your car or on your boat.

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