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High Speed Satellite Internet Service is the answer for
consumers and businesses that want a high speed Internet
connection but live outside the access area of local DSL and
Cable providers. The truth is, consumers only need to consider
signing up for Satellite Internet when there is no broadband
cable or DSL Internet available in their area. If you qualify for
either cable or DSL, then one of those should always be your
first choice for high speed Internet access. Cable and DSL
Internet are much cheaper, easier to set up, and often won't
require the service commitment that's typically involved in
ordering Satellite service. Of course, if you live in a remote
region and there just isn't cable or DSL access available to
your home, then Satellite is going to be your best (any
probably only) option for getting high speed Internet.

Can't Get DSL Or Cable In Your Area?
You can still get high speed Internet through a satellite dish if
DSL and Cable are just not options for you. With Nationwide
Satellite's Internet service, a high speed connection is
available anywhere within the continental United States.
Nationwide Satellite gets you online instantly, lets you surf
and open pages faster and download files in a fraction of the
time it takes using a dialup modem.

DIRECWAY as offered through DIRECTV is the new high speed
Internet solution available to everyone with a clear view of the
southern sky - now for only $99.99 installed:
Only $99.99 Down and then $99.99 / Month for 12 Months.
After one year, monthly charge reverts to regular rate of
$59.95 / Month. Service uses conditional access and triple
encryption to protect information. System delivered and
installed by a certified professional for $99.99! One-year
commitment required; early termination fees apply.

DIRECWAY uses satellites to give you a super-fast, always-on
Internet connection - so you can enjoy the Internet like it was
meant to be. Get DIRECWAY and DIRECTV Together! One of
the great options you get with DIRECWAY's satellite Internet
is that you can add DIRECTV satellite television for only a little
more. The installation for both your satellite Internet service
and the satellite television can be preformed at the same time.
The cost to get started is currently only $119.95! This is a deal
offered to new customers of DIRECTV. If you are ordering
satellite Internet service and you don't currently have
DIRECTV, you get both installed for only $119.95 down and
then $99.99 / Month for 12 Months.

If you already have an existing DIRECTV package, which will
have installed a different type of satellite than is required for
DIRECWAY, then you won't be able to order this package.
There is an upgrade option available, however, if you want to
upgrade your current DIRECTV setup to include the DIRECWAY
satellite Internet service.

Skycasters VSAT satellite Internet - North America & United
States. Satellite Internet coverage in the US, Hawaii and
parts of Alaska, Canada and Caribbean, Honduras,
Guatemala, Mexico (Mexico requires customer to obtain
license). Enterprise broadband satellite Internet service
provided anywhere. Skycasters uses high end VSAT
equipment to provide services equal to a T1 connection.
Dish sizes .98, 1.2, 1.8 and 2.4m. Provides internet access,
intranet, VPN and small private networks, IP telephone
service, frame relay backup, other services available.

Satellite Internet provided by VSAT Systems - VSAT Systems
uses current-generation satellite systems from a variety of
vendors including the NetModem II from iDirect Technologies.
Supported by years of engineering experience, VSAT Systems
delivers cost-effective satellite IP solutions to business and
government customers in North America and the surrounding
areas. VSAT Systems offers 16 satellite Internet service plans,
including 512k uploads and 2Mbps downloads, and a full line
of extra features including virtual private networks, satellite
fax/phone and sophisticated backup systems for terrestrial

Enterprise Satellite Solutions (ESS) - ESS specializes in Voice
over Satellite (VoIP) - Internet Café (voice, internet access,
data and video) and Private WAN (or VPN) multi site business/
enterprise solutions. Marine mobile Internet and Voice at Sea
(Marine) - Mobile Internet (data, voice and video) - Primary or
Backup high Speed Internet connectivity. ESS uses the iDirect
NetModem and iDirect iNFINITI series™ technologies. Coverage
of: N. America, Baja, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras,
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia. Bahamas, Jamaica,
Haiti, Puerto Rico, Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad,
Bonaire and all south American areas.

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