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Not every home has access to DSL or Cable broadband
Internet access services. In fact over 30 million people still
can’t receive high speed Internet access. The investment of
setting up DSL or cable access throughout the country, to
each home, is huge. Despite the many efforts and promisses,
covering the entire country with fast DSL or cable services is
still far away. Unfortunately it all boils down to economics, too
few subscribers with too many miles.

For the time being, the main and best solution is satellite
Internet access. Satellite Internet service allows virtually
everyone, anywhere to have access to lightning-fast
broadband Internet access. There are two types of satellite
Internet service, “one way” and “two way” systems.

With two way satellite systems the satellite dish sends and
receives information over the Internet and delivers it your
computer. The real benefit of a two way system is that you’re
able to receive high speed access without tying up your phone
line. Two way satellite service also gives you an always-on
communication system. Download speeds can be as high as
1.5mpbs with upload speed about 128kbps.

One way satellite Internet access utilizes a dial up connection
for upload page requests, and offers similar download speeds
of 256kbps to 1.5mbps. One way satellite Internet access is
more reliable and economical than two-way satellite Internet
services. It’s faster and more reliable because one way satellite
Internet doesn’t experience the same time-out delays caused
by “two-way” approach of uploading requests to the satellite.

After all, satellites are designed to broadcast and not to receive
information from small transmitters. The one way satellite
system takes advantage of the satellite’s strength by using it
for downloading. As you know, when you’re using a dial-up
Internet service, your waiting time is based on downloading
the information over your telephone line. The use of the
satellite Internet to download information eliminates this

If you are planning to upload tremendous amounts of
information, then a two way satellite system is the best
solution for you. On the other hand, for average to moderate
Internet surfers, the one way satellite Internet access is the
better option, providing high speed communication that is
more reliable and more affordable than the two way access.
Because of its simplicity and reliability, one way satellite
Internet access is not regulated by the FCC. This gives the
flexibility of choice to choose between a professional or a
do-it-yourself installation.

It's important to mention that the one way satellite internet
system greatly improves any existant internet connection (dial-
up, cable, fiber optics). At upload, beside the existant
connection, the one way satellite system creates a VPN
(VIrtual Private Networking) between the client and the
satellite, which increases the data transmit speed significantly.
At download the speed is 512 Kbps. On a normal dial-up
connection, without the one-way satellite internet system,
the transfer rate maintains itself around 1 - 4 KB/s, while with
the one way system, the transfer speed rises to about 50 -
100 KB/s, depending on the coverage area and the quality
of the satellite antenna (satellite dish). The overall system's
quality increases very much, depending on the upload
connection used by the customer. At the same time, the
system offers the possibility for 95% of internet applications
to be implemented without any prior connection to internet,
including downloads, commands for the vast array of TV and
radio channels, e-mails etc.

In fact, an assistant connection is necessary for upload only
when you are browsing the internet, that is until you issue a
download command. At that time the one way satellite
internet system will transmit the solicitated information offline,
regardless the requested file size.

The bottom line is plain simple. If you need fast internet and
you have no time to wait for a local DSL or cable coverage,
one way satellite internet is your best solution.

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