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DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite (DBS) service based in El
Segundo, California, USA, that transmits digital satellite
television and audio to households in the United States, the
Caribbean and Latin America except for Mexico. DirecTV is
owned by DirecTV Group, which in turn is controlled by News

DirecTV typically uses a fixed 18-inch diameter dish antenna to
receive its signals. Slightly larger, 18◊24-inch elliptical
antennas which receive signals from three geostationary
satellite positions simultaneously are becoming more common
as DirecTV attempt to squeeze more programming onto their
growing systems. DTV is now installing a dish that has five
LNBs for HDTV programming and local channels in selected
markets. These systems receive signals from up to 5 separate
satellites in both the Ku-band and Ka-band.

On October 2004 Directv gave up its satellite internet plans
and became HughesNet. HughesNet is the high-speed Internet
service, available throughout North American region via satellite.
A clear view of the sky is all you need to qualify for their
services. With no software to load, no frustration of dial-up
access, it provides the best value in satellite internet service
with a super-fast, independent 2-way duplex, always-on
satellite Internet connectivity. It brings you the optimal
satellite internet solution and consistently commits to ensure
the most advanced and cost-effective technology available.

How does HughesNet Work?
HughesNet uses a satellite connection as a high-speed digital
link between a customerís location and the US Internet
backbone. It uses satellite technology, not your phone line.
A certified HughesNet installer connects your computer to a
satellite modem and links it to a very small satellite dish
(antenna). The satellite dish sends and receives information
digitally over the Internet and delivers it your to computer in
your language almost instantly!


Why Choose HughesNet? Well, mainly because they provide
super fast broadband speed. It's not only the impressive
speed, it also eliminates the frustration and other
inconveniences of dial-up connection. You can download files
in seconds, access and play audio or video clips, and surf
faster than you imagined. HughesNet pioneered the
development of high-speed satellite Internet services. Since
it inception, they delivered satellite products and services
around the world that proves its credibility.

HughesNet Home Service Plan offers the best connection
solution for a home needing a high-speed connection.
Eliminate the frustration of a telephone connection, busy
signals and other inconveniences of dial-up connection. No
matter where you live HughesNet internet service delivers
high-speed web access - anywhere, all the time. You can
enjoy fast internet speed and reliable satellite service at a
price that is affordable.

HughesNet Professional Service Plan - This plan offers the
best connection options for a far office needing a high-speed
connection for one or two users at a time. No more frustration
and inconveniences of dial-up connection. It provides
unlimited Internet usage, so you can be online as often and
as long as you like and frequently down- load large files from
the Internet.

HughesNet Small Office Service Plan offers the best connection
solution for remote corporate offices or small businesses
needing high bandwidth to support critical business
operations. It offers you unique productivity advantages
that can help you succeed in today's fast-paced business
climate. Use this always-on satellite connection to increases
your business productivity by giving you instant access to the
business-critical information.

HughesNet is indeed a professional Internet service that can
keep pace with growing business, boosting productivity.
HughesNet provides high-speed (up to 2MB) connection that
gives you instant access to the critical information you need.
With its advanced satellite technology, HughesNet bypasses
dial-up delays to deliver a secure, reliable broadband
connection around the clock-so you can make the most of your
business day.

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