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Broadband Internet access has become so commonplace that
we’ve already begun to take it for granted. Cable broadband
and DSL continue to permeate throughout households and
businesses across the globe. Broadband networks and
infrastructures are becoming more and more technologically
advanced all the time. Many consider Wi-Fi broadband to be
the future of broadband connectivity. A high-speed wireless
Internet connection regardless of where you are or what
you’re doing. As it is, however, there are still a great many
places where one cannot gain access to broadband Internet
due to the fact that there is no network or infrastructure
capable of fostering a signal in certain regions.

Whenever you live the big city and reach rural or remote
locations, you start seing these mini satellite dishes, pointing
directly to the Southern sky. Emblazoned with names and
logos that are becoming ever more familiar, their numbers are
growing at an amazing rate. Ever wonder why these satellite
dish systems are in such great demand? Does high speed
internet service or digital television programming via satellite
intrigue you?

Well, when you come to think of it, it's not that simple. One one
hand, the people who live in these rural locations don't really
have many alternatives to choose from. Without cables or DSL
technology, satellite internet is their only option. On the other
hand, given the developing technology, satellite internet offers
a fast and reliable alternative.

The new satellite technologies, especially options for high
speed internet access, include satellite dsl and portable
broadband service via satellite that delivers the very latest
communications tools from leading providers around the world.
Gaining popularity worldwide, the satellite internet service is
revolutionizing high speed internet access and communications
everywhere. It is one of today's hottest commodities because
it provides fast, reliable, and secure operations anywhere in
the world. And the technology is setting the bar even higher
than ever.

The satellites providing satellite broadband signals orbit the
earth approximately 22,300 miles above the surface.
Because of this extreme distance, there is a lag time between
the sending and receiving of the satellite broadband signal.
(Approximately .5 - .75 seconds) This might not seem like
much, however for certain broadband Internet applications
such as e-gaming, it is enough to cause severe interference
with game flow. Fortunately, there are few people who are
using a satellite broadband connection for the purpose of
gaming. Satellite broadband access is generally used for
business purposes, government/military use and also the
occasional recreational use for people outside of any type of
broadband infrastructure through which to connect to the
Internet. Unfortunately, another popular use is at times of
major disasters, whether human made or nature disasters.

Satellite communication technology has been available for
many years and is an ideal medium for simultaneously
disseminating information to many users, linking remote
geographical locations, and providing connectivity to wide
coverage areas. Via radio transmission, impressive data
rates can be obtained using high capacity transponder
channels. As the demand from businesses for broadband
data services increases, satellite communication is well
positioned to address this need. DSL and ISDN fulfill much
of the demand in a cost-effective manner, but these
services are not available throughout all of North America
and the world. A small satellite antenna or VSAT (Very Small
Aperture Terminal) can be placed virtually anywhere to
provide high-speed connectivity for remote offices,
teleworkers and users. Satellite dsl and Satellite Tv are
popular choices for today's consumer. Proof of their
tremendous growth lies in a trend that is literally sweeping
across the planet. That's why satellite dishes are dotting
the landscape everywhere!

Can't get cable or DSL where you live? Look up. The answer
is circling the globe above you. Reliable high-speed Internet
connections are now available across the entire globe!
Emblazoned with names like DirecTv, ExpressVu, Star Choice,
DirecWay, iNetVu, Linkstar, iDirect, and WildBlue. Their
numbers are growing at an amazing rate. Gaining popularity,
satellite internet technology is revolutionizing high speed
internet access and communications everywhere. It is one of
today's hottest commodities because it provides fast, reliable,
and secure service most anywhere around the globe.

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