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Hughes is a leading provider of broadband satellite services,
products, and network solutions. Hughes Network Systems, is
the global leader in providing broadband satellite networks
and services for large enterprises, governments, small
businesses, and consumers. HughesNet encompasses all
broadband solutions and managed services from Hughes,
bridging the best of satellite and terrestrial technologies.

Hughes has shipped more than 1,000,000 systems to
customers in over 100 countries. Its broadband satellite
products are based on the IPoS (IP over Satellite) global
standard, approved by the TIA, ETSI, and ITU standards
organizations. Headquartered outside Washington, D.C., in
Germantown, Maryland, USA, Hughes maintains sales and
support offices worldwide. Hughes is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Hughes Communications, Inc.

Customer Support and Service
Hughes offers complete turnkey solutions, including program
management, installation, training, maintenance and support,
for professional and rapid deployment anywhere, worldwide. At
our Network Operations Centers, experienced engineers
monitor customer networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
365 days a year. And this is backed by an extensive field
operations organization that provides reliable, responsive
service to all our customers.

Besides supplying dedicated networks to customers and
service providers worldwide, Hughes owns and operates a
global base of HughesNet shared hub services throughout
the United States, Brazil, China, Europe, and India. Customers
of HughesNet shared hub services can realize the many
benefits of broadband by satellite—without having to build
and operate their own dedicated hubs.

For homes, Hughes is considered America's #1 Choice for
Broadband by Satellite. With HughesNetTM, your super-fast,
always-on, satellite Internet access is ready when you are no
dialing in, no waiting and no tied-up phone lines. You can
download files in seconds, check email instantly and surf faster
than you ever imagined. And HughesNet is compatible with
Windows and Mac, so getting online anywhere in the
contiguous U.S. is easy.

Hughes has excellent solutions for businesses as well. Now
there’s a professional Internet service that can keep pace with
your growing business - and even boost your productivity!
HughesNetTM for business is just that a no-nonsense, high-
speed, always-on connection that gives you instant access to
the critical information you need, when you need it. With its
advanced satellite technology, HughesNet bypasses dial-up
delays to deliver a secure, reliable broadband connection
around the clock - so you can make the most of your business

The HughesNetTM always-on satellite connection increases
your business productivity by giving you instant access to the
business-critical information you need, without the delay of
dialing in or the slow response of low-speed dial-up
connections. And since HughesNet delivers high-speed
Internet over satellite, not over your telephone line, you can
work online and have your phone or fax line free for customer
communications. Built for growing businesses like yours, with
download speeds of up to 2Mbps, HughesNet allows multiple
employees fast access to the Internet simultaneously.

How does it work?
HughesNet utilizes two-way satellite technology to link your
business to the Internet. A certified HughesNet installer will
connect your computer to a satellite modem and link it to a
satellite dish (antenna) that’s typically mounted on the roof of
your office building. The satellite dish sends and receives
information (i.e., email, Web pages, files) over the Internet
and delivers it your computer almost instantly!

Why choose HughesNet?
Look to the Leader. HughesNet has a rich heritage of
providing secure and reliable satellite Internet services to
both businesses and government, so you are assured of fast,
reliable service capable of serving even the most mission-
critical needs. HughesNet is brought to you by HUGHES®, the
leading provider of broadband satellite network solutions for
consumers, businesses, and government. For over 30 years,
Hughes has delivered satellite products and services around
the world, with more than 800,000 systems ordered or
shipped to customers in 85 countries. Hughes pioneered the
development of high-speed satellite Internet services, which
it markets globally under the HughesNet brand.

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