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Hughes Network Systems is the leading and the largest satellite
internet company. HughesNet solutions and services are
marketed directly by Hughes and its authorized resellers and
distributors throughout North America, Europe, India and Brazil.
In all other regions of the world, Hughes products and services
are available from a growing family of value-added providers
and resellers.

Since the mid 1980’s when Hughes first invented the VSAT, it
has consistently been the world leader in providing enterprises,
governments, and telecommunications operators with an
evolving range of advanced, satellite-based, private network
solutions. These networks provide rapid, reliable transmission
of data, voice, video and multimedia to virtually an unlimited
number of sites over continent-wide areas covered by
geostationary satellites. HughesNet is Hughes’ global brand
encompassing all broadband solutions and services from
Hughes. Customers of HughesNet solutions and services
include many of the world’s leading companies, spanning a
wide range of vertical sectors, as well as government and
multi-national organizations and small businesses/consumers.

Hughes Network Systems (HNS) has changed its name to
HUGHES and the name of its service brand from DIRECWAY to
HughesNet. In late 2005, SkyTerra Communications which
owned 50% of HNS, split its holdings into two parts; HNS and
certain other investments were contributed to a newly formed
company called Hughes Communications, Inc. In early 2006,
the DIRECTV Group sold its remaining 50% interest in HNS to
Hughes Communications, Inc. (HCI) and SkyTerra distributed
to its shareholders its shares of HCI.

The difference between Hughes Communications and Hughes
Network Systems is that HNS is an operating company and is
100% owned by HCI, the holding entity. Senior management of
the two entities is the same. The companies are presented
together in the marketplace as HUGHES, a well-recognized
name associated with a long heritage of technology innovation
and market leadership.

Hughes is the global leader in providing broadband satellite
networks and services, bridging the best of satellite and
terrestrial technologies and enabling customers to realize the
full potential of broadband. HughesNet is the service brand
and it encompasses all broadband solutions and services for
large enterprises, government, small businesses, and
consumers. HughesNet services are delivered directly by
Hughes in North America, South America, Europe, India and
China, and through a growing family of authorized service
providers worldwide.

DIRECWAY was the universal ‘Broadband by Satellite’ service
brand and is now replaced by HughesNet. As the company
grows, they are significantly expanding the scope of the service
offerings, both by utilizing multiple broadband technologies and
by implementing new value-added services. HughesNet
encompasses all the broadband services and value-added
solutions provided by Hughes. The link between the service
and corporate names underscores the leadership and credibility
that they bring to their customers in the delivery of these new

Hughes is expanding the range of services they offer to their
customers beyond ‘broadband by satellite’, with which
DIRECWAY has become synonymous. The new HughesNet
brand reinforces the Hughes’ heritage of innovation and
leadership in broadband networks. HughesNet underscores
their expansion into new services for enterprises including
managed network services, digital media, and enhanced
network services, as well as Hughes’ expansion in the consumer
and small business market not only for Internet access, but with
a comprehensive range of ISP services.

Another renowned satellite internet company is StarBand.
StarBand, a service brand of Spacenet Inc., is two-way,
always-on, high-speed satellite Internet service available for
residential, telecommuter and small business customers
throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin
Islands, and several Caribbean and Central American countries.
StarBand was founded in 2000, and in 2005 it was merged into
the operations of Spacenet Inc.

Founded in 1981, Spacenet Inc. is a leading provider of
wireless and hybrid terrestrial broadband services for
enterprise, government and home/small office customers in
the United States and worldwide. Spacenet provides
Connexstar™ commercial-grade WAN solutions for retail,
energy, financial services, hospitality and government
customers; and StarBand® Internet access service, the
pioneer in two-way broadband VSAT. Spacenet also provides
specialized VSAT-based solutions for disaster recovery,
business continutiy, remote and mobile communications needs.
Spacenet is based in McLean, Virginia, and operates its own
end-to-end services infrastructure including network
management, field services and earth station facilities in
Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, Georgia; and Chicago, Illinois.

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