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Blue Sky Network, LLC is the industry leader for bringing
portable, satellite based communication solutions to private
and corporate aircraft. In collaboration with Iridium, the
company provides its worldwide customers with integrated
solutions for e-mail, real-time graphical or text weather,
Internet tracking, and telephonic voice communication from
any cockpit, anywhere in the world.

Blue Sky Network is the leading provider of global logistics
solutions for two-way linking and managing remote
transportation assets via satellite. Using its interactive Web
portal, SkyRouter, with detailed mapping, Blue Sky Network
links enterprises to personnel and assets anywhere on
earth over the Iridium satellite network. FAA-certified data
and voice products enable users to customize features
including safety and event reporting. Blue Sky Network's
exceptional customer service and management team make
it the perfect partner for adding true global communication
to your transport network.

Blue Sky Network is a valued Iridium service partner and has
pioneered the development of innovative solutions for asset
tracking and fleet management. Blue Sky’s integrated use of
voice and data communications is playing a key role in opening
new markets for Iridium services. The company is also a
pioneer in the development of affordable global satellite flight
following and communications for the aviation industry, from
full-featured asset tracking solutions to entry-level SATCOM
voice solutions. The extensive global coverage is provided
through the Iridium Satellite system.

Blue Sky is dedicated to a total solution for the client and
unsurpassed customer service and technical support 24 hours
per day. Headquartered in La Jolla, California, Blue Sky
Network is a member of HAI, NBAA, AOPA, EAA, AEA and other
aviation industry associations. Not long ago the Network
announced the introduction of its new Wireless Airborne
Router for managing all wireless and wired network needs
inside an aircraft. Using the router, aircraft passengers can
inexpensively share access to Blue Sky Network SATCOM data
offerings, or plug wired-Ethernet devices into a built-in 4-port
duplex hub. They can even use notebook computers to play
multi-player games.

The Blue Sky Network Wireless Airborne Router offers a series
of security features, including 128-bit WEP encryption, and
supports industrial-strength Wi-Fi Protected Access™ (WPA),
so all data is secure. It can also serve as a DHCP server and
supports VPN pass through. Additionally, pilots can use the
router to exchange files with their Electronic Flight Bags. The
Wireless Airborne Router is very unique, as it gives users the
ability to function in the air as they do at home or in the office
with similar equipment. With the addition of this router to the
company's product portfolio, they are able to offer customers
a broader range of SATCOM usage for their in-flight data
communication needs. The price is compelling for this
empowering capability.

The router is installed using two flexible antennas for
enhanced wireless signal to ensure total cabin coverage.
Antennas can be articulated to 90-degree angles or pointed
straight for space savings. Standard antenna connectors allow
for external wired antennas to increase signal coverage. The
Wireless Airborne Router meets DO160E EMI, RMI criteria as
well as the IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u and IEE 802.11g

The high speed, two-way connection to the Internet via
satellite is “always on”, 24 hours a day 7 days a week and
is extremely reliable. This system is not only far more cost
effective than mobile systems, it is also much faster and more
dependable. The system is also ideal for data networks in
small to medium sized enterprises as you can connect up to
20 computers on a LAN giving each computer access to the

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