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To date, there are three companies that provide Internet services via
satellite: Hughes Network Systems, Pegasus, and StarBand. Pegasus
is a reseller of Hughes’ “DIRECPC," which uses a satellite downlink
and terrestrial uplink, and Hughes' "DIRECWAY," a two-way, high-
speed satellite Internet connection, to rural areas. StarBand currently
offers a two-way, high-speed Internet service via satellite as well.

Two way satellite Internet broadband requires a singular satellite dish;
the same dish can be used for both satellite television and satellite
Internet. Satellite Internet provides the consumer with connection
speeds comparable or superior to DSL and cable modems, and for a
price that is competitive to other Internet services. Since satellites
beam content to subscribers simultaneously, the user should not
experience any special slow-downs or interruptions in service.

Two-way satellite Internet is unique in that it can provide nationwide
Internet service, which makes it an ideal product for consumers
living in rural or underserved areas. Furthermore, two-way satellite
Internet is constantly accessible because it does not require the
use of a phone line.

The Pros for using Satellite Internet:
No phone lines required
Connects via ethernet cable
Always on connection
Compatible with all operating systems
Seasonal contracts available
Telephone, fax capabilities
It’s fast

The Cons for using Satellite Internet:
Relatively expensive when compared to dial up or DSL
Must be professionally installed
1-2 year contract required

How can you decide what's best for your needs?
Well, the best way is to ask yourself several questions:
How important is reliable Internet to me?
Do I use the Internet in my business?
How easy is to access my email account?
How much would I save if I don't use it?

Bottom line - given the reliability of Satellite and the “always on”
feature, the Two-way Satellite Internet seems to be the right answer.

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