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Residential satellite internet gives subscribers the same fast
connections and reliability enjoyed by businesses. The
residential satellite services provide connecting speeds which
are much faster than the basic dial-up. These speeds are
about the same as with a DSL modem or cable. Best of all, the
internet service doesn’t tie up your phone line and runs
constantly using the satellite system.

The relatively new residential satellite internet services give
home computer users blazing fast upload and download
speeds. Moreover, you can know instantly when emails are
received. Instant messaging is also fast and easy. File
uploads and downloads are much faster than you could ever
have imagined with the basic dial-up service and the
connection is solid. No more waiting for a line or being knocked
off in the middle of downloading or uploading a file or email.
No more busy signals when you try to dial to your ISP. In fact,
now you don't have to dial anymore to your ISP. The satellite
internet connection is always on.

Today there is absolutely no reason for home computer users
to settle for lesser service than they have at work. With
residential satellite internet services home users get to enjoy
the same fast surfing speeds, file uploads and downloads they
depend upon at work. Home computer users, regardless of
where they live, can enjoy high speed satellite Internet service
speeds up to five times faster than dial-up. These speeds make
it much easier to communicate with family and friends, to share
photos and data files. Emails are quick and easy. Home
shopping is faster and easier. School homework research is

With residential satellite internet your home phone line is free
to use for voice conversations all of the time. There is no need
anymore to make a choice between using the phone line for
voice calls or Internet access. In many homes throughout the
country this service will even promote family harmony, making
it possible to surf the net and talk on the telephone at the
same time.

Satellite Internet access provides high speed Internet service
just about anywhere in the USA. Early systems were one-way
only, with a satellite beam providing high speed download and
a conventional dial-up phone connnection sending the upload
commands. New technology now gives you the option for two-
way satellite Internet service at your home. How is this possible?

Instead of a simple receiving dish like you have for satellite
television reception, the two-way satellite Internet system
actually gives you a small transmit & receive earth station. The
dish for satellite Internet both sends and receives digital
signals aimed at a repeater satellite in geosynchronous orbit.
This frees you from any requirements for telephone or cable
lines to access the Internet. You need only a clear view of the
southern sky so that the signals to and from the orbiting
satellite have an unobstructed path.

Residential satellite internet is an excellent option for anyone
who is not within the service areas for DSL or Cable Modem
service. Just about any location in the continential USA with
AC power and a clear view of the southern sky will work for
satellite internet.

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