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Listening to a car satellite radio is a totally different experience than
listening to the usual AM FM radio. If you're driving long distances or
if you want to listen to a high quality radio, then this is your best

Car satellite radio is an amazing new communication medium that
has the ability to maintain a broadcast signal over all of North
America and to offer uncensored material to its listeners. Given its
high quality and many benefits, car satellite radio is becoming much
easier these days due to its increased popularity.

The car satellite radio is an excellent option the people who enjoy
radio entertainment. As a driver who listens to the radio, you
already know that the old car radio is static, it's losing signals and
offers a low quality listening experience. Today, the new high quality
broadcast is achieved through the use of advanced satellite
technology. After all, if you're driving around with your GPS device,
it's really no big deal to use the same satellite network for radio

With the new car satellite radios, static is no longer the issue. You
won't have to experience anymore the imposed silence whenever
you drive through the rain or some tunnel. No more annoying
crackles and hisses on your car radio. The audio quality on car
satellite radios is vastly better. Listening to your favorite radio
station or program will be just like listening to your Palm or Iphone,
only that the program you'll be listening to will be in real time. Now
you can hear the latest hits, the daily top twenty and even the
news in full digital glory.

car satellite radio

The car satellite radio is based on pretty much the same technology
as your GPS. Your radio has a special receiving unit which receives
transmissions from a satellite. The programs transmitted through
satellite communication come directly from the radio station's studio
where the program is recorded digitally. Digital recording assures
that the transmission contains more data, which means higher
quality recordings. These recordings are what is encoded and
transmitted to the satellite which distributes the signal to car
satellite radio subscribers.

Obviously, you didn't really expect to receive these high quality
programs for free, right? In order to enjoy this new and amazing
technology, you need to subscribe. That's right, you will need a
subscription in order to get a car satellite radio program running.
You will also need a special radio receiver and an antenna. The
usual car radio is not enough to receive a satellite radio broadcast
because it doesn't have a receiver and it doesn't have the special
antenna. Also, the regular radio will not be able to decode the
satellite broadcast to a listening format. At present, there are two
major satellite radio providers in the US - Sirius and XM. One satellite
radio has a more global span of service. This is WorldSpace which
offers car satellite radio programming to several continents such as
Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

So, if you want to get a taste of the new generation of car radio
listening, get a car satellite radio service and get the latest and the
greatest of easy radio listening in your car. Choose between Sirius
and XM Radio by comparing subscription rates, programming options,
broadcast quality and the price of satellite receivers and accessories.
Purchase a satellite radio receiver from one of the many retail outlets
in which they are available, including department stores, electronic
retailers and audio-installation outlets. Choose from add-on receivers
that use FM adapters to broadcast over regular radio frequencies
and built-in units that are designed to replace factory-installed audio
systems. You can even subscribe to satellite radio as an option when
you purchase a new car, with dealers' specials often including free
service for a year or more.

Install the satellite radio in your car according to the instructions in
the owner's manual. Pay special attention to tips on how to install
the satellite radio antenna, so that you will receive the best signal.
If using an FM adapter to get the satellite signal, use an existing FM
frequency that is not currently used by another station and program
it into the receiver. Finally, subscribe to the satellite radio service by
logging onto the website for either XM Radio or Sirius and choosing
the subscription plan you want. That's it. All you have to do now in
order to enjoy your new car satellite radio is to enter the code on
the back of the satellite receiver, and wait for your order to be

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