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If you decided to leave behind your old am/fm radio and move on to
the amazing satellite radio technology, you should first subscribe to
one of the two satellite radio services - XM or Sirius. If you're going
with XM, then let's have a look at their portable satellite radio options.

The Eton E1 portable satellite radio is the world's first radio that
combines AM, FM, shortwave and XM portable Satellite radio into one
ultra high-performance unit. The E1 is simply the finest full-sized
portable satellite radio in the world. It's an elegant confluence of
performance, features and capabilities. The look, feel and finish of
this radio is superb. The solid, quality feel is second to none.
The digitally synthesized, dual conversion shortwave tuner covers all
shortwave frequencies. Adjacent frequency interference can be
minimized or eliminated with a choice of three bandwidths 7.0, 4.0,
2.5 kHz. The sideband selectable Synchronous AM Detector portable
satellite radio further minimizes adjacent frequency interference and
reduces fading distortion of AM signals. IF Passband Tuning is yet
another advanced feature that functions in AM and SSB modes to
reject interference. AGC is selectable at fast or slow. High dynamic
range permits the detection of weak signals in the presence of
strong signals.

xm portable satellite radio

All this coupled with great sensitivity will bring in stations from every
part of the globe. Organizing your stations is facilitated by 500 user
programmable presets with alpha labeling, plus 1200 user definable
country memories, for a total of 1700 presets. You can tune this
portable satellite radio many ways such as: direct shortwave band
entry, direct frequency entry, up-down tuning and scanning. Plus you
can tune the bands with the good old fashioned tuning knob (that
has new fashioned variable-rate tuning). There is also a the dual-
event programmable timer.

Whether you are listening to AM, shortwave, FM or XM, you will
experience superior audio quality via a bridged type audio amplifier,
large built in speaker and continuous bass and treble tone controls.
Stereo line-level output is provided for recording or routing the audio
into another device such as a home stereo. The absolutely stunning
LCD has 4 levels of backlighting and instantly shows you the
complete status of your portable satellite radio. Many receiver
parameters such as AM step, FM coverage, beep, kHz/MHz entry etc.,
can be set to your personal taste via the preference menu. The E1
has a built in telescopic portable satellite radio antenna for AM,
shortwave and FM reception. Additionally there is a switchable
antenna jack [KOK] for an external antenna.

Another great XM portable satellite radio is the XMs MyFi. If youre an
XM portable Satellite radio fan, youll be happy to hear that Delphi
and XMs MyFi, the worlds first Walkman-style satellite radio, is now
on sale. MyFi streams XMs 130-channels and records up to 5 hours
of programming on its 128MB drive, enough for you to walk the dog
around the block 600 times. Of course, you have to be a really BIG
fan to pony up the $350 bucks for the portable satellite radio, plus
the $10 monthly subscription feewell wait to see if version 2.0 is
cheaper and has more features (like being able to transfer songs to
your PC and vice versa), and is bit less, um, ugly.

The Delphi MyFi XM2Go is the first self-contained portable satellite
radio receiver. Just plug in headphones and use it anywhere to hear
XM radio. It's not cheap, but there's nothing else like itso far. XM
portable satellite radio on the go. Integrates an antenna and
battery for 5 hours of truly portable operation. Has a capture button
to save favorite songs (5 hours worth), with each song stored
individually. Included mounts, antennas for home, car, and walking
around. Poor reception indoors using integrated antenna. Record
feature misses the beginning few seconds of a song as it prepares
to record. Array of included accessories is initially confusing. Shiny,
slippery chrome faceplate. Home docking module feels insubstantial.

The Pioneer Inno is your next choice. This is the most portable
satellite radio receiver yet. The Pioneer Inno, like its twin, the
Samsung Helix, lets you listen to live radio and stored content on a
device about the size of an iPod. It has an attractive, easy-to-learn
interface, and it can schedule recordings or record any XM song live.
The battery provides only 5 hours of satellite playback and the 1GB
storage capacity is too small for power MP3 and WMA users. You
can't skip backward in the song list or pause a live stream, and
there's no way to add more storage space. Yet the Pioneer Inno is
compact, gets great reception, and lets you enjoy live satellite audio
and your own tracks on the go. Better battery life and more storage
would make this XM portable even better.

The Samsung's Helix YX-M1 takes satellite radio to new heights with
a pocket player for listening to digital music and recording satellite
radio programs. With an easy-to-learn interface, a connection to
downloadable music, and a color screen, all the world's music is at
your fingertips. With space for 50 hours of music, the Samsung Helix
YX-M1's 1GB capacity is adequate, but it is far from enough to hold
an entire digital music collection. It lacks a memory-card slot for
expansion, you can't burn recorded XM material to a CD, and its
computer interface is Windows only. Worst of all, its battery runs for
only about 5 hours of XM airtime. And yet its small and light enough
for a shirt pocket. The Samsung Helix YX-M1 is a one-stop audio
entertainment center with an XM radio, a digital music player, and
room for 50 hours of tunes, but it comes up short on battery life.

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