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As if the technologic developments of the satellite TV are not enough,
families can now enjoy home satellite radio services as well. For the
first time ever and with minimal investment and installation, families
can enjoy more than 100 channels of commercials-free music, news,
sports, and entertainment packages in their home.

There are several dedicated home satellite radio products to choose
from, like the Polk Audio. Polk Audio is one of the largest speaker
manufacturers in the United States, and its Polk XRt12 XM tuner is
the product of choice for many reviewers. The Polk is a stereo
component that must be connected to a pre-amp or A/V receiver.
The Polk can display track and title information on a TV, and it can
record song information for later reference. If you are looking for
high quality satellite radio sound, the Polk is an excellent choice.

Another good option is the Tivoli. Tivoli has been designed exclusively
for home use with SIRIUS satellite radio. Tivoli and SIRIUS have
joined forces to offer an elegantly simple, yet technologically
sophisticated satellite radio for home use. It deliver digital quality
sound in 65 commercial-free music channels and over 40 news,
sports and entertainment channels. The large LCD is easy to read
and provides easy and clear navigation. The radio has pre-sets for
favorite Sirius channels and searches by artist, song, and channel.
The radio is housed in a finely crafted furniture grade cherry wood
cabinet with taupe metallic faceplate and champagne-toned knobs.
It comes with a remote control and a compact indoor/outdoor
SIRIUS antenna.

home satellite radio

The main problem with dedicated home satellite radio products is
that they are not compatible with both Sirius and XM broadcasts.
Very often you need to buy additional accessories. Radios like the
Polk XRt12 and Tivoli Model Satellite have some inherent drawbacks.
First, they are expensive, and the cost doesn't include the price of
the service (separate receivers in home and car require additional
subscriptions). Furthermore, none of the reviewers of these products
addresses the paradox of using high-end equipment to listen to
compressed audio streams. In contrast, no manufacturer has
introduced an audiophile MP3 player, which is another compressed
music format.

The other big issue when using a satellite receiver in your home is
where you place it. These units must be connected to a wired
antenna, which generally needs to be near a window or fed outside.
This might be fine if you can place the receiver near a window, but if
not, then you have a real problem to think about.

So if you already have a radio that works quite nicely, should you
switch to a home satellite radio? Let's consider the options.

Satellite radio is a paid subscription, it works via a satellite feed and
you can listen to the radio anywhere you want. There are no range
restrictions so your favorite song wonít become garbled with static.
It provides crystal clear digital sound no matter where you are and
is commercial free.

Your home satellite radio can really open up the range and choices
of music. With satellite radio subscriptions, you typically have access
to several music channels, which reach all genres and subgenres of
music. The best providers will also provide you dozens of channels
for the latest news, talk radio, and information, along with local
traffic and weather forecasts and all the sports events you could

XM Radio is rapidly growing, servicing over 2 million listeners and
providing 68 music channels. With this satellite radio, you can get
country, rap, classical, bluegrass, rock, reggae and most anything
else you can imagine. In addition, there are over 30 channels just
for news , sports, talks shows and other entertainment programs
that donít include music. And if thatís not enough there is another
couple of dozen channels that provide weather and traffic for most
major cities.

Satellite radio can be set up to work with your existing home
entertainment system. So if you want satellite radio at home, using
a home adapter kit in conjunction with a portable unit is a cheaper,
if less elegant, solution. If you are also in the market for a home
audio or A/V receiver, selecting one that's satellite-radio ready might
be more practical.

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