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Any satellite radio requires an antenna to receive radio signals from
satellites. Moreover, antennas of satellite receivers that work
through the XM service need to work at the exact frequency of XM.
Just like Sirius, XM have their own line of products and equipment,
which give enhanced quality for their transmission, and this includes
XM satellite radio antennas. So it's obvious that XM satellite radio
antennas are essential if you’re subscribing to XM.

For home use, there is the XM home satellite radio antenna. This
antenna, which is included in every boombox and home kit packages
can be used outdoors or indoors with an XM radio receiver. The
antenna is also compatible with the XM commercial antenna splitter

The main features of the XM home satellite antenna are:
* Adjustable elevation
* Typical noise figure
* 2 dBic average for satellite gain
* 4.7V Typical (from XM receiver) supply voltage
* 2332.5 to 2345.0 MHz frequency
* 55mA current consumption
* -40F to 185F operating temperature
* Paintable; and XM approved

xm satellite radio antenna

Another type of antenna is the XM Radio Truck Antenna and RV
Antenna, like the XM500. This satellite antenna had been designed
to be uses on trucks and RVs, with its clamp mount that easily fits
flaps or air dam shield of RVs, long-haul trucks, and so on. It can also
be mounted on flat surfaces that enable clamp-style mount brackets.
This antenna features thirty-foot heavy-gauge RG58/U low loss
coaxial cable; rugged antenna that withstands high-vibration
environment; ground plane independent; field replaceable sub-
assembly components; clamp mount ¾ inch maximum thickness; and
about 12 inches high antenna mast.

There are other various XM satellite radio antennas manufactured to
meet the needs of every customer, providing subscribers with a
higher-level of listening satisfaction. For example, the Digital
Antenna's new 233-XM-50 antenna which provides crystal clear
reception of XM radio channels anywhere in the continental United
States, Canada and up to 250 miles offshore. Tested to withstand
extreme environmental conditions, the 233-XM-50's UV stable acrylic
sealed dome is impervious to damage caused by bad weather and
salt water. The 233-XM-50 is sold complete with 50' of cable with
factory-attached connectors, adapter cables, stainless steel 1”–14
mount and mounting ferrule. The unit also features a built-in internal
ground plane (3.5” diameter).

Terk also offers the ultra-compact XMicro2 XM Satellite Radio antenna
which gives you all the performance you need with a profile so low,
it's hardly noticeable. It mounts to your vehicle's roof with its
magnetic base, and its rubberized feet keep it from scratching your
paint. The 23' micro-coaxial cable will connect to any in-car XM radio
with a single antenna input (micro cables are usually routed under
molding of rear window to the XM radio). It will also connect to XM
plug-and-play radios. If you have an older, dual-input XM radio, you
can connect this antenna to it using an optional adapter.

The Terk XMicro2 antenna is a high-performance magnetic-mount
antenna designed specifically for XM Satellite Radio reception. It
receives signals from satellites and terrestrial repeaters
simultaneously, to ensure continuous reception.

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