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XM Radio broadcasts over 120 digital channels of music, news, sports
and children's programming direct to cars and homes through the use of
satellite technology and an extensive repeater network, which
supplements the satellite signal to ensure seamless transmission. The
channels originate from XM's broadcast center in Washington, DC,
(which is the world's largest all-digital studio complex) and uplink to
their two (Boeing 702) satellites.

These satellites then transmit the signal across the entire continental
United States. Coast-to-coast coverage is ensured by the 18kw of
total power provided by the satellites, making them two of the most
powerful satellites constructed for commercial use.

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XM Satellite Radio Inc., an emerging force in broadcasting, was
incorporated in 1992 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of XM Satellite
Radio Holdings Inc. XM is publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange
since October 5, 1999. XM's founding was prompted by the radio
industry's first major technological change since the popularization of
FM radio in the 1970s: the creation of a third broadcast medium,
transmitted by satellite, now taking its place alongside AM and FM on
the radio dial. One of only two companies with a license for this new
national audio service, XM has assembled a "dream team" of creative
radio professionals and a management team committed to leading the
world into the next generation of radio. In 2004, XM transmits over 120
discrete, nationwide radio channels to subscribers throughout the
continental U.S. in digital sound from coast to coast. XM's powerful
strategic and equity partners are leaders in their respective industries.
These include General Motors, the largest U.S. auto and truck
manufacturer; American Honda; Clear Channel, the largest U.S. radio
station operator.

The company's partnerships with GM, Honda, and other auto
manufacturers, with leading audio manufacturers such as Delphi,
Pioneer, Alpine and Sony, and with electronics retailers such as
Walmart, Best Buy, Circuit City, Sears and participating Radio Shack
franchise dealers favorably position XM Radio within the reach of
millions of consumers.

In addition to the corporate headquarters and broadcast facilities in
Washington, D.C., XM has broadcast facilities in New York and
Nashville, and additional offices in Boca Raton, FL; Southfield, MI; and
Yokohama, Japan.

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