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Subscription radio made its North American debut in the United
States more than four years ago and by December 2005, two
competing services - Sirius Canada and Canadian Satellite Radio/XM
Radio Canada - were on the air. Sirius has over 300,000 Canadian
subscribers, while XM has 147,000.

Sirius Radio Canada, a partnership involving the CBC, Standard Radio
Inc. and the U.S. firm Sirius Satellite Radio has more than 130
channels, including commercial-free music stations, news and
information channels, and a variety of other talk, entertainment,
sports and specialty channels. Canadian Satellite Radio Inc./XM Radio
Canada, headed by Toronto businessman John Bitove, in partnership
with XM Satellite Radio Holdings CSR/XM offers more than 140
channels in programming categories that include music, news, talk,
sports, comedy and a children's channel. CHUM Subscription Radio
Canada had proposed 50 channels in its CRTC application, all of which
would be produced in Canada. They included 40 channels of English
music and spoken-word material, five channels of French music and
spoken-word material, and five diversity channels. The other
difference between the CHUM proposal and the other two services
was that CHUM plans to send its signal through land-based
transmitters that would only cover big cities at first. While the CRTC
opted to approve all three proposals, CHUM and a number of cultural
groups that were not happy with the minimum conditions the CRTC
imposed on the two satellite offerings.

satellite radio canada

Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings operates as XM Canada™ through
its subsidiary, Canadian Satellite Radio Inc. CSR is seeking to become
the market leader in providing subscription-based satellite radio
entertainment to the Canadian market. On June 16, 2005, the CRTC
approved the application of CSR Inc. for a six-year broadcasting
licence to offer satellite radio services across Canada. CSR creates
unique content to be broadcast in Canada and the United States
through XM Canada™.

XM Canada™ is the exclusive Canadian licensee of XM Satellite Radio,
the leading satellite radio provider in the U.S. with more than five
million subscribers and an estimated 70% share of the U.S. satellite
radio market. As a result of CSR’s partnership with XM, it enjoys many
advantages in programming cost structure and distribution channels.
XM has made significant inroads with the most important car
companies, and is the exclusive factory installed distribution partner
of 56 per cent of the new auto marketplace. XM radios are installed
in the U.S. models of global vehicle manufacturers such as GM, Honda,
Toyota, Hyundai and Nissan.

Through its XM Canada™ service, CSR launched its French and English
satellite radio service across Canada on November 22, 2005. CSR
offers listeners 100 channels, including 100-per-cent commercial-free
music as well as news, talk, sports and children’s programming across
Canada via satellite. XM Canada also offers 40 NHL hockey games per
week, and becomes the exclusive broadcaster of more than 1,000 NHL
games starting with the 2007-2008 season.

Canadian Satellite Radio (TSX: XSR) completed its initial public offering
and started trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on December
12, 2005. CSR intends to use the proceeds from its IPO to complete
the infrastructure roll out and fund operating expenses for its XM
Canada satellite radio service.

CSR’s exclusive relationship with XM, the leading satellite radio
provider in the U.S., provides CSR with a number of significant
benefits that will:

• provide programming, operational know-how and advanced
research and development
• permit XM Canada to leverage existing satellite network and
technology, brand, distribution relationships with the automobile
industry and operational experience
• significantly lower capital and ongoing operating costs for the XM
Canada satellite radio service

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