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Satellite radio is an exciting new technology that allows listeners to
receive commercial-free, digitally transmitted audio. No more
censored, poor reception and fine-tune radios. With the help of
orbiting satellites and a digital broadcast, satellite radio can travel
approximately 22,000 miles and never lose its crystal-clear quality.

There are only two providers for satellite radio services - XM amd
Sirius, and you have to subscribe to either one of them in order to
enjoy the new technology. Satellite radio subscription fees are a
hotly debated topic. Some people believe it's foolish to expect the
public to pay for radio when they can tune in to stations on a regular
radio for free. However, many listeners do prefer to pay for these
great services. Here are the payment plans for both companies.

Sirius Satellite radio subscription costs are a monthly service where
the charge is $12.95. With a year or 2 year commitment, Sirius offers
lower monthly rates. Also it now offers a pretty good deal on a
lifetime subscription that is radio-attached - for $399.99, your radio
is live for life! You can transfer your lifetime subscription to a different
SIRIUS Radio when you upgrade or replace your radio, for only $75
per radio. This offer will expire, though new attractive offers will
probably replace it.

satellite radio subscription

With Sirius you can activate as many as three additional radios for
$6.99 each per month. Business subscriptions are $24.99 per month.
Satellite radio subscription cost is based on the number of stations
that you have access to and the amount of extras that you add.
Adding special services can increase your satellite radio subscription.

With Sirius' annual subscription you pay for 11 months and get one
month free. With the two-year subscription you pay for only 21
months and get 3 months free. The price for 1 year is $142.95 and
for 2 years is $271.95. If you choose to pay the monthly fee, the
price is $12.95/ month.

XM Satellite Radio Subscription costs are a monthly service where
the charge is $9.99. If you agree to a commitment ranging from two
to five years and prepay you can lower your effective monthly charge
to as low as $7.48.

Adding up to four additional receivers, it will cost you $6.99 each,
per month. Certain special channels cost a little more. For example,
commercial and business subscriptions cost $24.99 per month.
Business subscriptions are a little more expensive due to additional
royalties that must be paid when potentially more people are
listening to the station.

XM offers the broadest choice in satellite radio with over 170 digital
channels for only $12.95 a month. That's a great value, plus you can
save even more with one of our pre-paid multi-year plans. The longer
you sign up, the more you save:

Quarterly plan - $12.95/Month
1-year plan - $11.87/Month, 1 Month Free
2-year plan - $11.33/Month, 3 Months Free
3-year plan - $9.99/Month, 8 Months Free

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