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Sirius Satellite radio subscription costs are a monthly service where
the charge is $12.95. With a one or two years commitment, Sirius
offers lower monthly rates. From time to time Sirius offers special
deals. For example, these days Sirius is offering a pretty good deal
on a lifetime subscription that is radio-attached. For $399.99, your
radio is live for life!

With Sirius you can activate as many as three additional radios for
$6.99 each per month. Business subscriptions are $24.99 per month.
The satellite radio subscription cost is based on the number of
stations you have access to, and on the amount of extras you add.
Adding special services can increase your satellite radio subscription.

Here are the Sirius plans:
* Go annually and save. With the annual subscription, pay for 11
months and get one month free. With the two-year subscription you
pay for only 21 months and get 3 months free. 1 year is $142.95, 2
years is $271.95.
The month to month price is only $12.95/ month.

When subscribing with Sirius there are no contracts to sign.
Subscriptions are month to month. There is no risk in giving Sirius
Satellite Radio a try. Once you have your radio installed and receive
the preview channel, you will need to contact Sirius to activate the
Radio. You can call at Sirius’s toll-free number or visit the Sirius Radio

If you need to add more than one Satellite Radio receiver to your
account, no problem. Sirius allows you to add up to 4 additional
radios to your main account for $6.99*/each per month. This is called
the “Friends and Family Plan”.

Sirius provides Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep customers with 100
streams of the best music and entertainment coast-to-coast. Sirius
offers 60 music streams of commercial-free music along with 40
streams of news, talk, sports and entertainment.

Sirius takes care of your car as well. Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep
customers will now get to hear uncompromised coast-to-coast music
and entertainment that they simply can't get from conventional radio
today. Only Sirius gives listeners better music, better programming
and better content that stands out from the competition.

Sirius is the only satellite radio service bringing listeners 100 streams
of the best music and entertainment coast-to-coast. SIRIUS offers 60
music streams with no commercials, along with 40 world-class sports,
news, and entertainment streams for a monthly subscription fee of
$12.95. Stream Designers create and deliver uncompromised music
in virtually every genre to SIRIUS listeners 24 hours a day.

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