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Once you have bought your new satellite radio, and activated your
account with the service provider, you can start listening to your
favorite channels. But beyond this basic experience is the possibility
for better and much more convenient listening - through your satellite
radio accessories.

Satellite radio accessories which are available in different brands,
add flexibility and function to your existing satellite radio unit. It's
really cool to have these accessories because they are innovative
and practical. There are many satellite radio accessories to enable
you to enhance your Sirius or XM radio capabilities. For instance, you
may decide to listen to two different satellite radio stations in your
house at the same time. Or you may want a remote control with the
three-line LCD display telling you the song title, station and artist.
Or perhaps you'd like better reception in the car when you're going
through mountain terrain. No matter what the case may be, there
are satellite radio accessories to meet your needs.

Keep in mind that your satellite radio accessories should fit the
device you have bought and the service provider you subscribed to.
You can choose from the selection offered by the manufacturer of
your receiver unit, or from independent manufacturers. Compatibility
is essential so that buying accessories from the same brand as your
unit can be a good idea. Having the same brand would sometimes
mean releasing the full potential of your satellite radio unit.


So what kind of accessories should you look for? First of all, you will
need to purchase an indoor or outdoor antenna. There is a
weatherproof indoor/outdoor antenna ($35) you can use with Sirius
boombox kits, Sirius home kits and some Sirius radios. Or you may
opt to mount a Sirius outdoor antenna ($40), which can be
purchased separately or as part of a Sirius Home Distribution kit.

Next you should choose a home tuner. You can buy a simple home
tuner for as little as $49 that hooks onto your existing stereo system.
Or you may prefer a tuner which comes with display, game alerts, 30
channel presets, as well as antenna and remote all included. Most
kits come with a special remote control that allows you to view songs,
artists and stations (and change the station from any room in the

Instead of buying a special home tuner, there are other satellite
radio accessories there are smaller satellite radio receiver units like
the Tivoli Sirius radio, which comes in a 3" cherry wood cabinet and
channels your stations, while doubling as an alarm clock. Large
home tuners are the ultimate for house parties and loud surround
sound, but many people enjoy their $200 radios for bedside reading,
getting ready for work in the morning and unwinding. The best part
is that there's no complicated connection!

Another logical purchase would be the $100 Echo Signal Repeater
system, which allows you to send your satellite radio signal to any
room in the house, without running cables or antenna wires. If you
have satellite television, you can buy a $60 Direct Broadcast Splitter
kit, allowing you to run both things through just one cable, making
installation and setup less complicated. A new product called "Sonos"
sells for $999 and allows you to listen to satellite radio and your
entire digital music collection in up to 32 rooms, controlling them all
from a full color, hand-held device, with no wires or connecting.

Satellite radio accessories are a great way to minimize the amount
of cables, speaker systems and chaos in your home. In today's
world, you no longer need to have separate components that only
perform one specific function. All-in-one packages are a great way to
reduce clutter and make the most of your DVD-watching, MP3-
burning, music-listening, TV-watching and multimedia enjoyment!

Buying satellite radio accessories couldn't have been more easy.
While you could also get these on your local electronic stores, you
can conveniently buy these online. Below are few of the sites you
can check for your satellite radio accessories needs:

You may also check and as they
also have their own online shop, and satellite radio accessories can
be found there as well. To compare prices of various stores, you may
also want to check:, and

Never hurry in selecting and buying your satellite radio accessories.
Make sure that you are buying these accessories from reliable online
retailers. One may also save some money by spending some amount
of time in browsing over these online retailers and see which of
them offers lower prices. Check their return policies and the
warranties that go with your purchase.

Satellite radio accessories are available for a complete & satisfying
listening experience. With these, one will be able to enjoy satellite
radio a little bit more, and the added features these accessories
bring will surely complement your listening pleasure.

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