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As their name clearly imply, portable satellite radios are satellite
radios that can be taken anywhere. Using a portable radio means
that you can listen to satellite radio broadcast just about anywhere
you go.

In fact, portable satellite radios are very similar to standard portable
music players, like MP3, MP4 or Iphone. With their built-in antennas
they receive the satellite signal, enabling you listen to radio for
hours by using the rechargeable batteries. Just plug in the
headphones you received with the portable satellite radio and you
can start listening.

Although reception is great and incomparable with the reception of
the older portable radios, sometimes it can be a bit problematic,
mainly if the reception is blocked by surrounding buildings, tall trees,
and sometimes even by your own body. Obviously, you'll get the
best reception outdoors, in the open.

The specific features of your portable satellite radio will depend on
model you bought and how much you spent for it. Most portable
satellite radios not only receive live satellite signal, they'll let you
save up to 100 hours of content. Some will let you store and play
back your MP3 and WMA files. When you plug in the included
headphones and use one of these as a portable, you can listen to
a mix of your music files and your recorded satellite radio content.
Keep in mind that you can only use up to half the portable's memory
for digital music files, and that MP3s and WMAs take up more memory
than songs saved from satellite radio broadcasts. In a portable with
a 50-hour memory, for example, if you split the memory evenly
between digital music and satellite radio content, you'll get 25 hours
of stored satellite radio, and 8-12 hours of digital music files.

portable satellite radio

Some early portable satellite radios stored only a few hours of
satellite radio content, but no MP3s. The next generation portable
added MP3 playback and storage, but only let you receive live
satellite radio when docked in a car or home cradle and connected
to a car or home stereo and an external antenna. You can use
these to upload your MP3s and WMAs, plus store up to 50 hours of
satellite radio content, depending on the model. They do feature
built-in batteries and usually come with earphones. However, unlike
true portables, they don't feature built-in antennas; when you're
carrying them around, you can only listen to your stored content.

Portables also work just like plug-and-play satellite radios. Most
portables come with either the car kit or home kit you'll need to play
the radio through your car and home stereos. Some include both
kits. Best of all, you'll be able to use the radio as a portable, listen
in your car, use it with your home stereo, and pay only one
subscription fee.

Portable satellite radio is the latest music trend, combining your MP3
collection with the ability to hear new music via Sirius or XM Radio.
You'll find that many of the portable ones are unique, sleek and more
functional than an iPod. Many people like the versatility of a portable
satellite radio since they can use it in the home, office or car, with
minimal installation requirements.

Portable satellite radio is great for exercising, walking to class,
plugging into your car and bringing your subscription to the office. XM
brand offers live breaking news, while Sirius brand can give sports
fans Game Alerts - which is a really neat feature that your iPod
doesn't currently have! Get the most out of your Sirius or XM
subscription with a portable device that goes where you go.

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