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When choosing a satellite radio receiver, it really comes down to
personal preference. Some look better than others; some offer the
ability to record; some allow you to go portable; and some are even
satellite radio-ready.

Although it may sound like "satellite radio ready" means that your
radio system is all set to get XM or SIRIUS broadcast, that's usually
not the case. Typically, satellite radio ready means that your car has
an in-dash radio that will work with a satellite radio tuner. Yet it
doesn't necessarily mean that the tuner itself, and the required
antenna, are already installed. Unfortunately your dealer may quote
a price of several hundred dollars or more for the equipment and

At first sight, the benefits of a satellite radio car, truck or boat are
pretty obvious. Someone out there has already did the job for you
and installed the necessary devices so that you can start listening
to satellite radio broadcast right away. It seamlessly integrates
satellite radio with your complete audio system and it connects your
factory-installed satellite radio-ready deck with a wired FM
modulator. All you have to do is to subscribe to one of the two
satellite radio providers and activate your account.

satellite radio ready

But it's not always a convenient solution. Sometimes you do want to
make the decisions and choose your system's components. Moreover,
since many cars manufacturers have contracts with either XM or
Sirius, you can't even choose your service supplier. The good news
is that you don't have to go with a dealer-installed tuner and
antenna; you can purchase aftermarket gear and install it yourself
for great results and big savings. However, you will be giving up
one benefit of the factory option: a very clean installation, with no
visible hardware.

Anyway, if you want satellite radio in your car, and demand the best
sound quality, go with an in-dash receiver with a built-in satellite
radio tuner, a "satellite radio-ready" receiver connected to an
external satellite radio tuner, or a plug-and-play satellite radio tuner
connected to your car stereo's auxiliary input.

As for home satellite radios, instead of a home tuner module, some
people prefer to buy a satellite radio ready boombox that plays CDs
and MP3s as well. This system provides an easy connection for you
to enjoy your favorite satellite radio programming in a pleasant
surround sound environment.

One important thing you should be aware of and that can prevent
misunderstandings is that the satellite radio ready unit can control
a satellite receiver (sold separately), not that one is built in.

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