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Satellite radio broadcasts loads of digital, commercial free channels of
music, news, sports, talk, comedy and children's programming direct
to your vehicle, home or business. You are no longer limited to local
radio stations. Satellite radio goes everywhere you go, and gives you
the freedom to hear what you want, when you want.

If you are looking to subscribe to a satellite radio service, you'll have
to choose between the two providers - XM and Sirius. If you are
buying a new car, the choose becomes easier due to the fact that
several car manufacturers only have the option of one service either
XM or Sirius satellite radio. However if you are buying a used car
receiver or a home or portable radio, there are a few things to

Both XM and Sirius provide high quality services. They both offer over
one hundred channels of programming giving the consumer great
music, sports, news and talk show personalities. Both services also
cover the entire continental United States and are priced at $13 per
month. Yet the two satellite radio services are not the same.

XM has over hundred channels - many of them music, however their
music channels are not commercial free. Most music stations on XM
have limited commercials and definitely not as much as regular radio.
XM satellite radio also has great sports programming, most notably
Major League Baseball. If you subscribe to XM you can get practically
all baseball games during the season no matter what area you live
in. Finally, XM radio has on air personalities such as Opie and
Anthony and Oprah.

satellite radio services

Sirius also offers plenty of music channels; however their stations are
commercial free. Sirius is a great service for sports lovers who can
listen to National Football League games and NASCAR. The National
Hockey League has also been added this year. Sirius also has
exclusive on air personalities including Howard Stern.

The satellite radio services are great for car or truck drivers. Listening
to radio is among the few things a driver can do while holding the
wheel. With satellite radio a driver can listen to a vast assortment of
music styles on 100 or more crystal-clear stations from XM Satellite
Radio or Sirius whether you're in Arizona or Alabama.

There are three ways to tune in. You can buy (or rent) a car equipped
with a satellite-radio receiver (a $300 to $400 option). Some 100 new
models have one. You can replace your car radio with a satellite-radio
receiver and tuner from makers such as Pioneer and Kenwood at
Best Buy or Circuit City ($300 to $600, including installation). Or you
can buy a portable XM or Sirius receiver from any electronics store for
$100, plus $50 to $70 for a unit that connects the receiver through a
cassette adapter or your FM radio.

Most experts agree that you get better sound quality with factory-
installed equipment, but the portables have one plus - they display
the full name of the artist and song, so you can know what you are
listening to.

Satellite Radio services are provided only to subscribers. But why
should we pay for something, which is available for free? Well, it
seems there are many reasons to switch to satellite radio:
* No commercial interruptions. While listening to good music on the
free radio channels there are always interruptions by commercials,
which can be very irritating. Since on satellite radio the revenue
comes from the listeners and not from the advertisers, there is no
need for commercials. This is a good reason to switch to satellite
radio, mainly for music fans.
* Variety of music. Satellite radio services have a very wide variety
of music to offer. Over 70 channels of music with wide choices,
including folk music, opera, hip-hop and many more.
* No static like on the free channel radio station. You can listen to
music without any kind of disturbances while driving from one end of
West Coast to another end of East Coast in the USA. Since satellite
radio works on the digital system, the sound is always very clear.
* Details of what you're listening. There is a special feature of getting
the details of the songs being played. The complete details will be
displayed on the receiver.
* Additional useful information. Satellite radio programs offer services
like traffic, weather conditions etc. Other radio stations may stop
working in case of major catastrophe but satellite radio will always
be there to guide you to safety. You can listen online to your
Satellite radio on your computer too.

By paying a very nominal subscription fee for getting Satellite Radio
service, you save a lot on the time that you would waste by
listening to unwanted commercials and other dull boring information.
But not only for your personal entertainment, satellite radio services
can be great for businesses as well. They not only create an
experience for your customers, but for your employees as well.
Music in the workplace has the ability to transform a dull, lifeless
environment into a pleasant and entertaining place to work. Business
background music is also great for increasing productivity.

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