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After listening to satellite radio for some time, youve probably found
your niche of programming that appeals to you. But what if youd like
to record a special interview, a comedy set, or your friends radio
show? Well, there is a great solution - record Sirius and XM satellite
radio into MP3s using Time Trax, a sort of TiVo for satellite radio.

You can purchase MP3 satellite radios directly from Sirius or XM Radio,
that can capture streaming radio and save it onto your portable
player for later listening. For instance, XMs Samsung Nexus, the
Sirius S50 or the Dell DJ MP3 will store up to 50 hours of time-shifted
content and record your favorite shows. However, the shortcoming
is that the contents are only available on that particular device. While
you can plug your portable gadget into your car, home stereo or in
some cases your computer, you wont be able to effectively transfer
individual songs or hours of broadcast back to your computer.

Time Trax primarily targets people with busy schedules who may not
be able to catch all their favorite programs. It also helps people who
may want to save and refer back to exclusive content - like
interviews, concerts or comedy routines. A third target group are
those individuals whove already paid several hundred dollars for
their iPods and want radio broadcast programming they can convert
onto their devices, without purchasing one of Sirius or XMs MP3
satellite radio devices.

satellite radio mp3

What is TimeTrax? Time Trax lets you record XM, XM-Online and
SIRIUS broadcasts including music, talk, news, sports, comedy and
more. Content is stored on your hard drive as individual MP3s (or any
other of six file formats), ready for a CD-R, for your MP3 player or to
enjoy it right there on your computer. Consumers now can create
programming of what they want to listen to when they want. You no
longer need a second satellite tuner & subscription to use TimeTrax.
The same Sportster that you have in your car is now compatible with
TimeTrax! If you want to burn the MP3 files onto CD-R's, post them
on your website or even load them into your iTunes, it's up to you!
There's no limit to what you can do with this neat little device.

Time Trax is fantastic news for people who have already invested
$400 in an iPod and would rather not purchase a separate device to
stream radio. This can also be the perfect solution for that late-night
exclusive concert or interview programming.

The software works with most XM and Sirius receivers - notably, XM
PCR tuners, XM Direct receivers, as well as the Sirius Sportscaster,
Sirius Connect Kenwood, Sirius Connect JVC, Sirius Connect Pioneer
and Sirius Connect Alpine receivers. It won't work with the SkiFi or
MiFi satellite radios at the moment, but generally it's compatible with
the most popular models of MP3 satellite radio.

MP3 satellite radio has changed the way we listen to music. There
are iPods and iTunes and then there is the radio. Internet radio
introduced us to the idea of commercial-free radio, so it seemed an
inevitable marriage for MP3 technology and satellite radio technology.
Now, you may be wondering how to get the most out of your various
devices. For example, what if there's a radio program you really like
and want to record? Or what if there's a show you really want to
listen to but it's playing at 3am and you have to work the next
morning? Time Trax software and hardware brings the befuddled
music lover the perfect solution!

What will you need to get started with Time Trax? First, you'll
obviously need your MP3 satellite radio and a subscription to either
Sirius or XM, or simply an online subscription. If you just want to
record off the internet and convert it to MP3 format for your iPod,
you can choose to download the software for $49. The other option
is for people who want to record from their receivers. These Sirius
or XM subscribers can purchase the Time Trax Complete package
for $169.99, which includes a small adapter, a receiver, a USB cable,
a stereo adapter cable and an AC power adapter. It's actually quite
simple when you really look at the configuration - the USB cable
connects from the Time Trax adapter to your computer and the other
included cable connects the Time Trax adapter to your Sirius or XM

The Time Trax TraxCatcher is an awesome MP3 satellite radio product
as well, which is a small radio type unit with a USB memory stick that
connects to it (think iPod docking station). You can then unplug the
USB, stick it into your computer and transfer recordings quickly and

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