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Riding a motorcycle involves huge excitement. But adding the
amazing experience of the satellite radio to your motorcycle can turn
this 'usual' excitement into a major excitement you've never
experienced before.

If you're riding or touring and your music options get tired, you might
consider the satellite radio option. With a motorcycle satellite radio
system you can always have music no matter where your ride takes
you. And not just high quality digital music, but also sports, news
and even weather reports.

But before getting ready to install your new satellite radio, you need
to subscribe to one of the two providers - XM and Sirius. Keep in
mind that your decision will not only affect the content you'll be able
to enjoy but also the equipment you'll need to buy. Each provider
uses unique equipment and the equipment is irreversible.

In order to attach the satellite radio to the motorcycle, you'll need
several accessories, mainly a good and effective mount. The mount
should work with the vast majority of receivers, no matter which
provider you've chosen to go with.

motorcycle satellite radio

The mount package will have to include features such as integrated
cable management for your power and antenna, multi-position
adjustable mounting points and a flat platform for attaching your
satellite antenna. Also, the mounting hardware and even the "Allen"
wrench you'll need for the screws. You can choose to mount the
plate on either the left handle clutch lever reservoir, or on the right
hand brake lever reservoir.

In order to start, simply remove the existing screws and use the
screws and spacers provided in the mounting kit. Chose an
universal holder that works with many different satellite radios.
What you'll wind up with is a neat, clean installation for your satellite
radio. The amount of mounting options gives the rider a considerable
amount of flexibility with regards to viewing angles and ease of

The mount unit should be made of steel with a durable powdercoat
over the entire surface. If possible, look for an integrated power
supply for the radio, one that attaches to your bike's power. This will
enable you to keep the satellite radio permanently mounted and not
draining the battery. Instead of using the cigarette lighter style
power adapter, you'll have a more refined implementation.

If you don't like dangling wires or extra bulk hanging on your body
and satellite radio is something you'd like to have blaring in your
helmet as your ride, then such a mount is an excellent way to bring
those elements together. It should be lightweight, functional and

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