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The types of Sirius radios include; Plug-and-play receivers, home
receivers and in-car receivers.

The JVC KT-SR1000 Sirius Satellite Radio Universal Add-on Tuner

This is the first portable "Plug-Play" satellite radio product
manufactured by JVC. The KT-SR1000 allows subscribers to use the
same SIRIUS receiver in their car, home, office, boat and RV.

The Audiovox PNP2 Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner Universal Add-on

Audiovox's PNP2 SIRIUS is a plug-and-play tuner that allows the user
to stream up to 100 channels of SIRIUS programming at home or in
the car. When coupled with Audiovox's home and car kits, the user has
the option of transferring the tuner between the home and the vehicle.
This unit has a 20-song memory for title and artist, which allows it to
alert you the next time one of the songs plays on SIRIUS. As a side
benefit, the memory can be used as a shopping list for when you next
visit your local music store or online store. The PNP2 has a mode
called "Look Ahead" that allows the user to see what is playing on
the other channels without interrupting the current program. An
additional kit must be purchased in order to use the PNP2 tuner.
There are three kits to choose from: the car kit with RCA patch cable,
the car kit with wireless FM transmitter, and the home kit. The car
kits give everything the user needs to play the tuner through the car
stereo. The home kit allows the user to connect the tuner to a home
stereo setup.

The Kenwood Here2Anywhere Portable SIRIUS Satellite Radio Tuner

This device allows the user to tap into 100 streams of SIRIUS
programming. The Here2Anywhere portable SIRIUS tuner can be used
in the car or a home stereo. This tuner has a large, 4-line,
36-character-long display that shows artist, title, song, and stream
information. Also included is a 24-song memory that doubles as a
shopping list for the next visit to the local music store. Preview mode
allows the user to see what is playing on other streams before
changing streams. This device allows for the programming of a
maximum of 24 presets of your favorite streams, and the ability to
perform searches by stream or category. Also included is a full-
function wireless remote (with 0-9 number pad) which allows direct
access to the user's favorite streams.

The Sanyo CRSR-10 Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner Universal Add-on

This plug and play add-on Package includes the main unit, a car
antenna, a car suction cup mount, a car power adapter, a home
antenna, a home stand, a home power adapter, a audio cable and
three interchangeable color rings. With this device, the user can access
over 100 Sirius streams.

The Audiovox SIRPNP3 Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner Universal Add-on

This is a transportable Sirius tuner for use at the home, office, truck,
boat or car (you will need to purchase an optional home or car kit).
Features include a 6-line display that shows stream name.

The JVC KT-SR2000 Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner Universal Add-on

This uniquely-styled KT-SR2000 plug-and-play tuner can be used at
home, in the car, or on the go. It boasts a large, legible display that
provides plenty of information, such as channel name, artist, and song
title. The button layout of this tuner is intuitive and very easy to use.
The user other features such as the ability to search by channel or by
category, preview content, and store 18 channels as presets. S-Seek
is a feature that allows for the storage of information pertaining to a
maximum of 30 songs. It will also let you know when any of those
songs are playing on any channel on the Sirius service.

The Blaupunkt America Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner/Car Mount
Universal Add-on

This tuner is relatively large in size, but is easily transportable between
the car and house. It has the ability to alerts the user whenever one of
the user-programmed 10 songs is playing on any channel. This tuner
has enough memory to store up to 30 preset stations. This unit has a
clear display showing channel, artist, and song information. The tuner
comes with remote control, vehicle power adapter, audio cable, vehicle
mounting cradle, and vehicle antenna.

The Kenwood KDC-X979 CD/MP3/WMA Receiver

The KDC-X979's built-in DSP processor features digital time alignment,
a 3-band parametric equalizer and DSP cabin size adjustments. These
make it easy to get amazing sound in rooms of various sizes. This
tuner boasts Dolby Pro Logic II processing which reproduces any
2-channel source in 5.1-channel surround sound through the
KDC-X979's 5.1-channel high-voltage preouts.
The KDC-X979 has 24-bit D/A converters designed to maximize audio
resolution, and the digital System E's+ Advanced Crossover System
tailors the KDC-X979's output to the user's system speakers. The user
has the ability to perform the amplifier's A.M.S. adjustments from the
driver's seat by connecting the KDC-X979 to Kenwood's Excelon
amplifiers. The KDC-X979 also boasts advanced 2-way communication
that shows the amps' A.M.S. adjustment settings and operation
information the display. The KDC-X979's has a 3D MASK Pro
motorized control and display system that features a huge 192 x 36
ultra-fine pitch 8-tone dot matrix readout, making for exceptional
graphics. The tuner allows the user to customize it with personal
graphics or a 5.3-second MPEG movie. One more feature of the
KDC-X979 is the telephone mute that works with cell phone hands-free
kits. It puts the KDC-X979 in standby mode when the user's cell phone

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