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XM satellite radio has definitely an excellent satellite radio
programming. With over 170 digital satellite radio stations, you can't
go wrong. But in order to listen to XM satellite radio you need an XM
compatible satellite receiver.

Using the right receiver, you can get XM satellite radio your way, no
matter where you are. XM satellite radio programming is filled with a
variety of satellite radio stations containing the freshest music from
your favorite artists, all of the timeless classics, and new singles
from the hottest rising stars. Your satellite radio audio experience is
complemented with the most intellectual talk radio, updated sports
coverage, and real time news radio feeds so that you're always
informed while mobile.

XM satellite radio receivers are reliable, high quality receivers. Their
radio kits can be added to your car stereo, placed in your home as a
kitchen radio, use as your portable satellite radio at your gym, or as
an emergency radio for weather on your boat. XM online is also a
great choice, mainly for your office.

These XM satellite radio receivers are designed with portability in
mind. You can move them between your home and your car as it
suits you. An antenna is usually included, although car and home
kits may need to be purchased separately. Let's have a look at the
various models.

Delphi XM Roady XT - Those craving a low-profile, ultraportable
satellite radio receiver with plug-and-play capabilities should
definitely consider the XM Roady XT. Delphi's smallest receiver, the
Roady XT weighs in at an incredibly light 2.8 oz. With three lines of
information, the Roady XT is a significant improvement in all areas -
display size, dimensions, and weight - over its predecessor, the
venerable Roady2. The Roady XT comes with a built-in FM modulator,
which allows you to wirelessly broadcast satellite radio to your car
stereo. Its line-out jack allows you maximum versatility should you
want improved sound. Business users and sports fans will find the
stock-ticker and sports scores very useful.

xm satellite radio receiver

Delphi XM SKYFi2 - Features enthusiasts will definitely love this one.
A sleeker, updated version of the original SKYFi, the SKYFi2 has a
bright, five-line display which can show sports scores and stock
tickers while you are listening to music. It also has a Tivo-like
"Backtrack" mode, which allows you to pause live radio and rewind
through the last 30 minutes of programming. Another special mode,
"TuneSelect", will automatically alert you if any of your favorite songs
or shows are playing. This model comes standard with a wireless FM
modulator and remote. You will also need a car kit or home kit, which
usually must be purchased separately.

Delphi XM MyFi - Touted as the first truly portable satellite player, the
MyFi is not an Ipod-replacement. However, it is an excellent choice
for satellite radio listeners on the go. Not only can you listen to
satellite radio directly with its built-in antenna, but you can also
record up to five hours of live music and shows, either manually or
in advance (like a VCR). The MyFi has plenty of additional features -
it displays stock quotes and sports scores, and can double as a car
satellite radio receiver with its built-in wireless FM modulator
(choose from 12 frequencies). It even comes with a clock, alarm, and
TuneSelect (alerts you when your favorite shows or songs are
playing). It also includes cables, antennas, home kit and car kit,
mounting brackets, chargers, remote, headphones, belt clip, and
carrying case. Our only gripes with the MyFi are its lack of memory
(for storing MP3s) and its average sound volume and quality.
However, as a first-generation player, the MyFi should not be passed

In-dash receivers are perfect for those who primarily listen to XM
radio while driving. These receivers usually require a separate tuner
(normally installed in the trunk or in the dash) and an antenna
(installed on the roof).

Terk XM Commander is an excellent low-profile receiver with a small
footprint. Its color scheme integrates well with most car interiors,
and its built-in wireless FM modulator allows you to listen to satellite
radio with minimal wiring. Those who choose to connect directly to
the tuner can also use the RCA-out on the Commander. The
Commander comes standard with a micro antenna, remote, mounting
hardware and hideaway tuner, so there's no need to buy a car-kit.
Unlike the other receivers, the Terk XM Commander only plays XM
radio. Since most people have an existing AM/FM receiver and/or CD
player, the Terk is a good way to upgrade your existing setup at a
low cost.

Alpine XM Ready CD/MP3/WMA Receiver - a high-quality, good-looking
unit that plays a lot harder than its stated 18W output. With CD,
CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, and WMA disc playback, the Alpine also comes
ready with changer controls. Properly tied into your own speakers
and subs, the CDA-9827 is a must for any car sound and music
afficionado. Comes standard with wireless remote.

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