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XM Radio Sirius Radio
Streams 68 Music (commercial free)
33 News, Sports, Talk & Entertainment
21 XM Instant Traffic & Weather
65 Music (commercial free)
50 News, Sports, Talk & Entertainment
(additional monthly fee of $3.99)
(part of monthly fee)
Cost Monthly: $9.99
2 Years: $199
3 Years: $289
4 Years: $369
5 Years: $449
Monthly: $12.95
1 Year: $142.45
2 Years: $271.95
Lifetime: $499.99
Satellites 2
Mon - Sat: 10AM - 11 PM EST
Sun: 12 PM - 8 PM EST
24 hours
On the XM website for $9.99
Over the phone for $14.99
On the SIRIUS website for $5
Over the phone for $15
Cancel monthly anytime
Receive a prorated refund of the
unused subscription. If you
cancel your Subscription prior
to the end of a prepaid
Subscription or committed
Subscription period, they may
charge you a cancellation
fee of up to $75.00
Cancel monthly anytime.
If you cancel your Subscription
prior to the expiration of a
prepaid Subscription (that is
not a lifetime Subscription),
you will receive a refund of
any unused Subscription
fees based on the number
of days remaining in your
Subscription. Lifetime
Subscriptions are
(2-5) $6.99 per month
(2-4) $6.99 per month
Programming 150 channels, including:
* 68 commercial-free music
* 33 news, sports, talk and
entertainment channels
* 21 traffic and weather channels
* Major League Baseball and
120 channels, including:
* 65 commercial-free music
* 13 news channels
* 4 entertainment channels
* 20 local traffic and weather
channels and The Weather
* NFL football, college
football and basketball
Highlights Opie & Anthony
Shows hosted by Snoop Dogg,
Tom Petty and Quincy Jones
FOX sports radio
24-hour NASCAR radio
(although Sirius has
announced that it will begin
broadcasting NASCAR in 2007)
Howard Stern show (coming soon)
A weekly rock show with
skateboarder Tony Hawk
NBA, NHL and NFL games
Plans to add three video
channels in 2006
Listen on the Internet for free
Equipment Car receivers range from $99
to $170. Home receivers
range from $170 to $1,100.
Plug-and-play receivers cost
from $100 to $130.
Delphi XM MyFi (the only
personal satellite receiver
available) costs $349.99.
Car receivers range from $99
to $2,300. Home receivers
range in price from $99 to
$2,000. Plug-and-play
receivers cost from $50
to $160.
Availability The continental United States
The continental United States
Subscribers 3.2 million in 2004
1.14 million in 2004
Available installed in more than 100
new cars in 2005, including AUDI,
Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC
Available installed in Chrysler,
BMW and Ford cars

Note that all prices are in US Dollars.

Unfortunately, both systems are not compatible. They are both only
capable of receiving broadcasts from their parent satellites. Apparently
under orders from the FCC to develop a receiver that can receive signals
from both XM and Sirius satellites, they are both said to be in the process
of developing suitable technology to achieve this task.

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